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We sure have done a lot of work over the last month getting ready to go. First work, then play. I won’t bore you with the To Do list, but suffice it to say that packing our home and storing everything, packing our trailer, final car work, and all of the other prep work along with day to day things has kept us busy.

Our town home will be rented out to friends that we hope love it as much as we have. We are very excited they will be living in our home and relieved that this burden has been lifted!
We had begun packing things into boxes awhile back. Truth is, I didn’t mind that part much. Initially, there was time to sort, donate, organize, and leisurely pack. My little organizing self loved it. I do remember the Army days though, when my Dad would get orders to a new post, my Mom would sort and organize, and the movers would arrive, pack absolutely everything for us, load up the boxes and furniture into the crates, and voila they would be off to our new home. Ah, so much simpler, but not in the budget! 🙂
We have had a lot to do and the dash to the finish line involves several other tasks like getting the last few things into the pod, cleaning, and painting. And it will be oh so worth it!

The packing begins…

K trying to decide which tools will be needed on the road and trying to justify them all!
Trimming the tree was fun, to make room for the pod to arrive; cleaning up the branch pile, not so much…

The pod arrives!

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