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Cooking in our RV really isn’t all that different from cooking at home. We have a microwave, a three burner stove top, and a small oven. We are able to prep things over the stove top on a wooden cutting board we can lay over the top, on the cutting board that covers half of the sink, or on the dinette table.

Mostly we just have to plan and use the space well, as it can get tight / cluttered quickly if we don’t watch it. We have a lot of experimenting to do and many other dishes to cook, but with the few we have already done things have worked out well. So we are doing what we can, but if you want some REALLY good cooking, I suggest you check out this site that our friend runs. Her cooking is fantastic.


We have made C’s Dad’s RV special – tilapia in aluminum foil packets with basically any other ingredient you have available that sounds good to you. We use any or all of the following: onions (seasoned with olive oil and paprika), potatoes (olive oil and steak seasoning), tomatoes, black beans, lemon juice, plain or lemon pepper, garlic, paprika, A1 sauce, stuffing mix (final ingredient sprinkled on top), you get the picture. Once you put all this in aluminum foil and seal it up, you either put it in the oven or on the grill, flipping after about 10-12 minutes.

We have made grilled chicken, served with veggies (frozen veggies are easy to keep on hand), and delicious Red Lobster biscuits from a mix we bought in Evansville when our friends pointed it out. They taste very authentic, yum!

K using our grill for the first time
(K benutzt unser Grill zum ersten Mal)

Finally, to carb-load for all of our hiking and climbing, pasta is a great option! One pot is used to boil the pasta, and another to fix up the sauce.

This is what happens when the pot is a little small…
(Hier ist was passiert, wenn der Topf ein bischen klein ist…)

Sandwiches and salads are also easy standbys.

Even better is when you have something to wash it down with, like this bottle of champagne we received from a good friend as a farewell gift to toast our adventure. It was delicious!

Here we are “christening the hull” of our travel trailer. 🙂
(Hier taufen wir unser Wohnwagen.)

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