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Here are some stats for our trip so far:

  • States: 12 (Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota), another 2 we were close enough to see but did not enter (Nebraska, Kansas)
  • Approximate Miles Traveled: 3,500 (since the oil change during the week before we left)
  • Cheapest Gas: $3.25 (Arkansas)
  • Most Expensive Gas: $4.29 (North Dakota)
  • Approximate Highest Elevation Reached: 2,855 ft (870 m) (North Dakota)
  • Approximate Lowest Elevation Reached: 210 ft (64 m) (Arkansas)
  • Audio Books Completed While Driving: 1
  • Miles Hiked: 22.5
  • Nights Spent in Wal-Mart Parking Lots: 2
  • Friends’ Places Parked at: 1
  • Other Camping Locations Stayed in: 4
  • Rain Days: 0 (2 half days were rained out but we had gotten activities in during the morning and spent the afternoon / evening relaxing)

Some other randomness:

  • While re-stocking at a grocery store in WV, after searching the store for lunch meat, we realized, with horror, that the entire lunch meat section was comprised of nothing but baloney.
  • There is a park in Arkansascalled Toad Suck Park.
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