The Importance of Rest Days

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Although we’ve been seeing a lot and trying to be pretty active on this trip in order to make the most of it, there’s a lot to be said for taking rest days as well.

Since we’ve posted so much about what we’ve been doing when we are out and about, we thought we’d also quickly post about those days in which we’re not doing…well much of anything…and it’s sooo nice.

Of course, rest days often include doing some laundry, making a run to the store, or blogging, but in general, rest days just mean that there’s not much on the agenda, and we play it by ear, lounging, or reading if that’s what strikes our fancy.

Since my Dad has been living the full-time RV lifestyle, we picked his brain for any tips he had for us as we started on our adventure, and taking these rest days was definitely a top tip. And he’s certainly been right! Taking a few rest days here and there let’s us catch up on other matters, rest our muscles, and slow us down so we’re ready to fully enjoy the next part of our trip.

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