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By the time this blog post airs, we’ll have hopped a flight back East to attend some weddings. We’ll be visiting K’s parents in MA, visiting my Dad who also happens to be in the area with his RV, and celebrating the wedding of friends A and B in RI as well as that of K’s brother S to M in PA.

From there, we’ll drive K’s car which is currently at his parent’s house to Denver, stopping in St. Louis, MO along the way. I’ve been to St. Louis several times for work, and had always hoped K could come along at some point. So I am glad he’ll finally be able to see it for himself. We’ll get to see several of my coworkers, check out St. Louis sites, and enjoy the ever delicious restaurant and brewery scene (no I’m not talking about Budweiser; what is wrong with you?!). Our friends Z and J (previously mentioned on this blog as the friends we visited in IN during our first main stop out of the DC area, and who looove St. Louis) will be coming into the city as well to enjoy some of the sights with us. When we get to Denver, we’ll store the car until our final arrival in October, and then fly from there back to Portland. Goodness, how many times are we crossing the country on this adventure?! 🙂

We’ll be on a blogging hiatus while we’re away, but stay tuned for more posts near the beginning of September when we’ll fly back to the Koala and continue our journey. In other news, our return to the West coast will coincide with my birthday, so we’ll celebrate the big 3-0 milestone in Portland before moving on down the coast!

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