East Coast Visit

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East Coast Visit

Going back to the east coast was somewhat surreal to us. Since we had spent so much time making our way west, it was strange that we simply hopped on a plane and were suddenly transported into the part of the country we had left from. Well, it was all for a good reason, several in fact, but weddings mostly.

So we stayed at K’s parents’ house in the Boston area for several days. While we were there, we were able to see my Dad. Since he’s also traveling the country, it was basically a fabulous coincidence that he would be in the region, and he planned to stay nearby when he heard we were coming. We spent a day with him, including checking out a Boston restaurant featured on the TV show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, which he has learned can be a good way to get restaurant recommendations, taking a tour of the Samuel Adams Brewery, and going to an Irish pub for dinner with both of our dads. It was really nice to be able to see him. He’s so mobile we don’t get to see him nearly enough!

Wedding number one took place in Newport, Rhode Island. A, my friend from church small group (bible study) and B had held the formal ceremony in Brazil a couple months before, so they held a quick ceremony and then had a reception, so that friends and family from the states could have the chance to celebrate with them. A is one of the most genuinely kind and fun spirited women I know, and it was really wonderful to see how her new family already adored her as much as I and the other small group ladies that were there do. K and I had a really great time celebrating and catching up with friends. The venue was also spectacular, one of the historical mansions, surrounded by large lawns, leading down to the cliffside at the water.

The day after the wedding we got together with everyone again for a boat tour of the Newport harbor and then lunch before everyone hit the road for home.

K’s long time friend C and her husband E live near Boston as well. We went up to their place for dinner one evening. They have a lovely trellis covered in Wisteria over the front patio where we sat and ate. We were so caught up in catching up we have no pictures to show for it. But we had a wonderful evening and it felt like no time had passed since last seeing them.

We also really enjoyed the time we spent with K’s dad. It was mostly spent relaxing at home together, but we also went to his company picnic where the three of us scrambled around the park’s rocky outcroppings together.

Then we headed on to Pennsylvania for wedding number two, of K’s brother S to M. We arrived several days early so we could spend time with S and also so K could be around for any best man duties that he might be needed for. Pre-wedding fun included going to Ricketts Glen State Park (which had a gorgeous loop hike past 20 or so waterfalls, and which is probably the most waterfalls we’ve ever seen on a single hike) and taking a day trip to New York City.

In NYC we saw the Statue of Liberty, the Financial District, Times Square, Central Park, and the 9/11 Memorial. The 9/11 Memorial was very appropriately done and was especially moving.

The wedding itself was a very nice Catholic ceremony in a pretty little church followed by a very fun reception in a nearby country club with a lot of dancing and a gorgeous sunset to boot. We’ve always been close with S and have spent lots of great times together, so it’s so nice that he’s found someone to share his life with that is super sweet and fits right in and whom we look forward to becoming even closer to as well.

We didn’t take many pictures ourselves, since the professional photography for these things is always amazing, so the pictures of the couple and the gorgeous cake are courtesy of my mother-in-law who made another amazing cake just like she did for our wedding. She hits these things out of the park!

This wrapped up our time on the east coast. The next day after a post-wedding brunch, we got on the road and headed west once again.

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