Arrival in Denver, CO

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We’ve made it to Denver! Driving into the area, seeing the colorful trees and bushes and snow in the mountains, and feeling the crisp fall air, has been wonderful. We are really excited to be here. Even though it’s somewhat bittersweet, knowing that our amazing adventure on the road has come to an end, we know that the next adventure of our lives, starting anew in Colorado is now beginning!

Most importantly, we are still of the opinion that this trip was completely worth it, that it was the time of our lives and that we just had to seize the opportunity. And we are still of the opinion that the Denver area is exactly where we were meant to end up.

We are now in a local RV campground and are beginning the search for a rental home. Our goal is to sign a lease quickly, have our Pod delivered to our new front door, and start the process of moving in before starting back to work at the beginning of November.

So what about this blog? Well, we’ll post a final stats post and eventually an update on our new house. After that, I’d like to continue posting occasionally. I think this has been a great forum for posting pictures and sharing our lives with friends and family. We’d like to keep it up, but it will be less frequent than during this trip.

Thank you for sharing in the momentous last six months of our lives. Thank you for your love, friendship, and encouragement. Life continues to be an adventure, afterall! So stay tuned!

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