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Trabuco Canyon, CA

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Trabuco Canyon is on the outskirts of the LA area and where our friend B lives. We’ve got to hand it to him, for being so near LA, he found a pretty nice area to call home, backed up to National Forest land where there is a lot of mountain biking and hiking.

We visited for a few days, checking out a good local restaurant / brewery, doing some hiking, and just hanging out. We hiked the Holy Jim and Canyon Falls trails, both of which were very enjoyable, but are surely even more spectacular when the water is really running.

We actually got a tour of B’s workplace as soon as we got into town, which was very interesting. B works for a company that is doing very innovative things with developing and deploying Solar Sails. Talking with B about these things has always been neat, and seeing in person some things that are in work and various models was even better.

It’s interesting, because there had been four of us that caved and climbed together regularly and often talked about wanting to leave the DC area eventually. It took some time, but we have now all done so. We’re really glad that B is basically working in his dream job (although we’re going to be expecting some of his personal inventions to eventually take flight) and living in such a great place for all of his outdoor interests. He is such a good friend and we expect to meet up with him many times in the future!

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