Thanksgiving in El Paso

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This year we spent Thanksgiving in El Paso, Texas visiting my sister and her fiancé. Originally they were going to come to us in CO, but unfortunately her company would not grant her the time off. That is a whole other ridiculous story in and of itself, but suffice it to say that we changed plans and headed their way instead. We had Maggie in tow and our two homebrew kegs as well.

The drive was of course nice and scenic. Originally we had wanted to take an even more scenic route on the highways through the mountains, but it had recently snowed and so that was not a good idea. We’ll have to do that another time.

Maggie was introduced to her “cousins” for the first time, King (a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and Ares, a Rottweiler mix). My sister is phenomenal with animals and has done a lot of work training her dogs really well. So Maggie was definitely the one with the furthest to go. Ares is only about half as old as Maggie, but they are currently about the same size!

We all ate really well while we were there. We made desserts the night before, and then all the normal dishes and fixings the morning of Thanksgiving. We even skipped breakfast and went straight to munching on the appetizers while we cooked, drank, and hung out. We had so much food that it made the rest of the week super easy – just re-heat the leftovers!

Another monumental event that took place while we were in town was wedding dress shopping. My sister and I went to a couple different places with some of her friends so she could try on dresses. I can’t say any more here except that she found THE DRESS. It is a lovely dress and she is going to be a gorgeous bride!

We had a really fun time hanging out together. Here are a few more pictures.

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