A Colorado New Year

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2013, you’ve been a great year. We bid you a fond farewell!

Reflecting back on this past year, it’s amazing to think about everything we’ve seen and done and the move that we made from VA to CO. The memories and experiences of this year will stay with us forever and will be something we look back on with great fondness.

But it is also with great anticipation that we enter 2014. Having just started this new chapter in our lives here in CO, we’re really looking forward to everything in store for us over this next year.

Thank you God for all of the blessings in our lives, and we pray for a healthy and happy new year for ourselves and our friends and family!

We spent a quiet New Year’s this year. We ate smoked salmon on toast with horseradish earlier in the evening. For the bulk of the evening we played the Firefly board game (based on the amazing TV show). We also taste tested our first shipment from the Beer of the Month club which we had received as a gift from my cousin. Later on we ate crock-pot Goulash and watched the ball drop to ring in the new year! And of course we watched “Dinner for One”. This short video and the food we ate are the German traditions we’ve incorporated into our celebration. If you haven’t seen “Dinner for One”, I highly recommend you look it up on YouTube! 🙂 Happy New Year to all of you! Here are some pictures:

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