First Christmas in Colorado

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Christmas was so nice. My Dad came into town to celebrate with us. A couple weeks before Christmas, we looked around the house and realized that not decorating was just not going to work. The past few years we’ve used my Mom’s wreath stand to put up a decorated advent wreath, put out an antique sled, and bought a few poinsettias. This year we did a bit more, including a tree, but only a half sized one which we put up on a table. Considering we didn’t know how our dog would react to a Christmas tree, we figured this was a safe alternative.

This was a good training opportunity for Maggie, as she is super friendly and gets very excited to greet new people. So we used my Dad’s visit as a chance to show her how to be calm and sit before she can meet someone new. She did pretty well and the rest of the time it was as though my Dad had always been there.

On Christmas Eve we went to the Candlelight Service at our church. There is no better way to celebrate the birth of Jesus than going to church, lighting candles, and singing Silent Night. Afterwards we had a nice dinner and unwrapped a few presents while enjoying some Glühwein in the German tradition. Christmas Day was very leisurely as we had a relaxing breakfast, unwrapped gifts in our PJs, and later on had a more elaborate Christmas Day meal.

The rest of the time we spent a lot of time relaxing, hanging out, watching movies, and eating good food. Nobody was going hungry and there were plenty of cookies to go around. One evening we went and saw the new Hobbit movie and then went out to dinner. We had a really nice visit and we miss him already! Here are some pictures from the holiday.

Decorating and making cookies:

 Vanillekipferl straight out of the oven

 Covered in powdered sugar and cooling off

Decorating the tree

Fancy Christmas Pictures:

 It’s so funny how our dog sits!

Christmas Dinner & Present Time:

 German Glühwein simmering on the stove

Maggie is very interested in the bow

Christmas Day:
Yay, homebrew bottle labels!

 Comfy in our PJs; just opened the box with our new wreath and a scarf from Ireland!

 Even Maggie got a present from Grandma

 Making Spaetzle!

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