Interesting Article: American View on Vacation and Work

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I periodically get emails from Monster with various news highlights. Usually I skim over them pretty quickly, but this last time there was an article that particularly caught my eye. I’ve included a link to it below. The article originated from Forbes on June 10, written by David Sturt and Todd Nordstrom.

Why Americans Don’t Like Vacations…Or Work

Maybe K and I aren’t the norm, because we love our vacations. We work equally hard of course, but we know the benefits of taking time off, relaxing, and rejuvenating. We value that time. The general consensus in the comments of the article seems to be like-minded though the article makes it sound like most folks are anti-vacation. If that’s so, it’s quite unfortunate and I hope those folks take some time off more frequently. It’s good for your health, good for your well-being, and definitely for your stress level. That all adds up to tremendous benefits for you, your family, and by that same token for your coworkers and employers since you are bound to be more pleasant to be around and more engaged and hard-working if you can recoup sometimes.

It is too bad that the nation as a whole does seem to get less vacation time overall than many other countries. And this is especially true if you look at how little we all start off with and then have to keep earning through years of service. But however much vacation time you have, take this article’s advice and find a way to use it and enjoy it. Especially this time of year. Summer is calling!

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