Quality Small Group Time – Ladies Lake House Weekend, Denver Visit, VA Wedding

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I’m very fortunate to have a wonderful group of ladies in my life from my church Small Group in VA. And even though I’m no longer living out there, these friendships have continued and we’ve already determined that with several of us having moved away and our relationships enduring that these will be lifelong friendships. Hurray!

I’ve been lucky to get a lot of great small group ladies time this summer and fall. The first major event coincided with a work trip where I stayed the weekend after and we all headed to the Poconos. My friend says the best way to tell people where we were is to reference Lake Wallenpaupack which is a well known, huuuge lake. The lake we were at was tiny in comparison, but much more inviting in my opinion. My friend K’s parents own a cabin on this lake and we’ve been as a group multiple years now. Her parents are so warm, welcoming, and just fun to be around. The cabin is the cutest, most rustic, amazing, cozy, interesting place. They call it the Bear’s Den and it fits the name. While there, our time is filled with swimming, kayaking, sailing, tubing, water skiing, going on walks, cooking, eating, socializing, reading, playing games, in short so many good things of life, just enjoying each other’s company. This place nor the company ever disappoint!

A few weeks later another small group friend came to visit us in Denver. She is considering a move away from the east coast and Denver is one place she is considering for the future. It was a really fun visit, and super nice that another friend from our old home has come to our new home. There’s just something about friends and family visiting that help make a place feel more homey. We went on a nice hike with Maggie and another friend who was in town from VA visiting some of his friends in the area, went to the Taste of Colorado festival, and even found a really fun part of the city that I hadn’t known about before with a pedestrian bridge, park, and cool apartments for M to consider if she does end up moving here. We’ll have to see what happens!

Later that month, J and M were married in a very nice Catholic ceremony, followed by a fun reception at the church. The food was great, the company even better, and lots of dancing! J was lovely and radiant and the two are now happily married! We wish them the very best in their life together! *Thanks K for use of this group photo:

I’m hoping for more visits with these ladies in the next year and every year thereafter!

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