C’s Dad’s Visit – Family Time!

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My Dad came to visit near the end of the summer. It was really nice to see him and it was a different experience in that he brought his RV and actually had a place to park it next to our house! With his home right next door, K was also able to load him up with numerous bottles of his home brew, which we’ve heard has only gotten better as it has aged in the bottles and has been very well received by anyone my Dad has let try it.

Hanging out on our back patio

We had a pretty eventful week, though I had to work some of the days my Dad was here, it coincided with training so I could take my lunch breaks with him and always finished up early in the day. We took him to one of our favorite places for dinner and beer, Hops & Pie! He was also a fan. We also went out to the Evergreen Dog Park where we hiked a few miles with Maggie. Here are some pictures. 

Dairy Queen after our hike – good way to recharge!

One night we had a BBQ and watched the Seattle / Denver football game. My cousin R also came over and we all had a good time catching up. On the last night, we took Dad to the Yard House, which is always entertaining for guests when they can order beer in the large glasses! K and my Dad both enjoyed it. Though drinking from the glass must be done very carefully. 🙂
All in all, a great trip and we hope to see him again soon! <3
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