Holidays 2014

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Here are some pictures of our holiday season.

I went to Germany for a few weeks to visit with family as it had been too long. We spent a lot of good time hanging out, playing games, eating way too much. I spent most of my time with my Grossmutter, including making (and eating) a lot of yummy German Christmas cookies.

Mmm, this looks like it’s dessert but it’s actually lunch! You’ve gotta love Buchteln mit Vanillesosse!

This picture is blurry because nobody could wait and sit still; they were too excited for the delicious lunch my Aunt cooked!

And visiting my dear Mama as well. It’s bittersweet of course, and I bawled like a baby more than once. She’s always with me and I think of her all the time, but there’s something different about being here and talking out loud to her. This moment was special for me too, one of her decorative hearts symbolizing the baby we’re expecting in this coming year. <3

We also went to several of the traditional Christkindlmarkts which are so festive and definitely put me in the Christmas spirit. Fun at the Nurnberg Christkindlmarkt with my Aunt and cousins:

My Aunt treated my Grossmutter and I to a really great show, Holiday on Ice. It was really impressive how skilled the skaters are and how acrobatic they can be while out on the ice! Afterwards, my Uncle treated us all to an extra large Schnitzel dinner. I don’t think anyone made it through more than half of the meal, or less, and the rest came home as leftovers. The plates were double the normal size, the schnitzel covered the entire thing, and then it was piled high with fries. It was delicious. I could totally eat a schnitzel with pommes right now!

Once I got back, K and I got our tree and put up our decorations. A bit later than usual, but the end result is the same, a warm and celebratory atmosphere anticipating the celebration of Jesus’ birth!

This year we had a cozy and quiet Christmas at home together. After all the traveling, being sick, and the forecasted snow, we decided this was exactly right. Merry Christmas!

Though it’s super late, the sentiment is the same, we wish you a very Happy New Year and hope it has been going well so far!

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