K’s Dad’s Visit

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My dad also came for a visit around the end of summer. We did our best to give him a whirlwind tour of the area since he was only here for a weekend.  There are so many things to see in this area that we spent a lot of time driving around and sightseeing.

Our first stop the day after he landed was Roxborough State Park.  This place has quickly turned into one of our go-to places for guests that come in to town since it ranks pretty high as far as really scenic places near home go:

Afterward we went for a long drive through the countryside west of Denver. The next picture was from Panorama Point in Golden Gate Canyon State Park.

The grand tour continued through Nederland, back through Boulder for dinner, and included a stop in El Dorado Canyon where we watched the rock climbers for a little while – high upon the cliff faces.
Not being particularly inspired by crazy free climbers in the Canyon, my dad finally gave into my pestering and did some climbing in a more controlled environment:

As amazing as our travels and relocation have been, any chance to visit with friends and family is really nice. Especially given the distance that C and I are now from most everyone. I guess we’ll just have to travel more and visit everyone on our way through. All in good time!

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