We’re Pregnant!

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We found out we were expecting a baby back in November and have been super ecstatic since. This is the announcement we put up on Facebook. We thought using gear was fitting for two climbing enthusiasts. I suppose it’s possible our baby won’t grow up to be a climber (there’s also caving as well!) but we’re going to provide every opportunity for our children to give it a try and grow to love it!

The pregnancy has been great so far. When asked by our doula how things had been going, K said he’d been surprised how easy things had been. We’ve been fortunate so far! I knew my Mom had not had much morning sickness, and I found out my Grossmutter didn’t either, so I had hoped it ran in the family and I would have the same experience. Luckily enough I did. I was much hungrier than normal during the first trimester though and had to make sure I had snacks with me at all times to make sure I didn’t get hungry, because once I got hungry, I got SUPER HUNGRY, and that only ended in feeling unwell if I didn’t eat right away. But being prepared took care of that. I haven’t had major cravings, though initially I preferred veggies and thereafter fruit. K’s coworker said she had been the same way but that by the third trimester all she wanted was pizza. K said he would be veryy happy if that happened to me too, haha. I guess we’ll see!

It’s kind of crazy how many things are actually on the prepare for baby’s arrival To-Do list. I told K it’s like planning to get married all over again. Except that when you’re planning a wedding, your decisions center around “Hm, do I like that? Is it pretty?” and now we’ve got the much more complex layer of safety, health, and how do I plan and buy things that won’t harm this new being?!

It’s been fun though and we’re doing one thing at a time, looking forward to becoming a family of three (four plus Maggie dog!). It is hard to believe that there is a little being that we helped create growing inside me, soon to be their own independent person and personality. God has given them a soul and not too long now and we will get to know and love (even more) this little one! <3

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