Our New Rental Home

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Finding a rental home in the Denver area was a full-time job in and of itself for the first six days that we were in town. Pretty much from sun-up to sun-down we were occupied with this task – browsing the internet, calling owners and listing agents, leaving voicemails, waiting for call-backs, scheduling time to see the places, going to look at the houses, etc. It was mostly fun, but then it got tedious after awhile. It was frustrating that so many homes either turned out to be really run-down, way overpriced, not in good locations, or if they were good were snatched up before we could secure a lease. The fact that the rental market is difficult right now in the Denver area was corroborated by just about everyone we spoke to.

But, perseverance has paid off. We found a nice rental home in a good neighborhood for a decent price. It also worked out that we got a six month lease so that we can start looking around for a place to buy as we get to know the area a bit better.

We’ve since had our things delivered, have moved in, and are mostly unpacked! Here are some pictures.

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