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About Us

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What’s Our Story?

At the end of February 2018, we moved the last of our things into our RV and once again became a full-time RVing family. I say once again because Kevin and I had done 6 months on our own before kids back in 2013 when we took a brief sabbatical from the working world during our move from Northern Virginia to Denver, CO. It was a wonderful time exploring our amazing country and having so many fun adventures together. We thought that would be an epic trip to store in our memories to possibly be revived in retirement. We expected we’d settle down in Denver and stay there for the long haul.

And as much as we loved the people we met and the time we spent there, we felt a little itch, then a little nudge…

And soon we were dreaming of another RVing journey, this time with kids and a dog in tow. As we dreamed we researched and discovered just how many families full-time RV with children, all while continuing to work. We asked why not us too?

It took a few years as we moved into a smaller apartment to begin downsizing and working on building our own business. We had our second child. We bought our fifth wheel and truck. And then the final push to sell or donate everything we didn’t need, move into our rig, and hit the road.

We’re very grateful to have the opportunity to do this. We feel like God put this desire back on our hearts and helped pave the way. Some days are more stressful than others and we still experience life in all its day to day forms, but the time we are getting to spend with our kids while they are little and as they grow, and the quality family time and memories we’re building are what motivate us to continue this lifestyle as long as we are able.

Our Family


I am the main author on this blog. I enjoy writing and telling our story. I’m hoping to learn more about blogging and websites to make this the best blog I can. I’m working on being more disciplined and intentional with my time and goals. I enjoy reading, cooking, hiking, climbing, biking, caving, and planning our travels and outings. I work remotely from our RV office which currently funds our RVing lifestyle. I love sitting in front of the campfire with my husband and looking up at the stars. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and all the time I have to see my kids grow up, playing with them, and snuggling them. I love Jesus and raising my children to know Him is one of my ultimate goals.


Kevin was the biggest dreamer when it came to getting in the RV again. His excitement and daring to consider the possibilities was infectious. Kevin did all the leg work in getting our awesome truck and fifth wheel and does all the heavy lifting and technical work of moving and setting up the RV. He has been a super supportive husband and amazing dad and he builds strong lasting bonds with his children as he cares for them and homeschools them when I am working. He is kind, funny, loves tinkering with and riding the electric bikes he built for us so we can tow the kids long distances, checking out new breweries, geeking out over financial independence and early retirement strategy, hiking, rock climbing and caving. You can also check out the business he is building at Signal Mod Technology.


Klara asks us every day where we are going that day. She is always up for an adventure or a trip to a local playground or library. After a few weeks she stopped asking about the “old” apartment and settled right into our new lifestyle, as long as we confirmed that the truck would indeed be pulling the RV to our new campground. She has enjoyed meeting new kids, visiting long-time friends again during our travels, and video chatting with those currently far away. So far homeschool preschool has been a hit and we hope to continue homeschooling.


Our little man is such a busy little guy. He is always on the go. Like his sister he loves being outside and playing. He is full of smiles and adores his sister. We’ve been amazed how chatty he has been from a young age and recently he likes to tell us when something is “fun.” He seems to be enjoying this lifestyle!


Our almost 7 year old lab boxer mix is a rescue dog that still acts like a puppy. We all know labs have energy for days, and I also read somewhere that boxers are the Peter Pan of dogs, as in they never grow up! We can hardly keep up with her some days! Maggie is a great family dog, sweet with the kids, and loves riding in the truck.

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