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Here are some of our favorite things that you might find useful as well!

Our Top Resources

Filming & Editing Gear We Currently Use:

Other Filming & Editing Gear We’ve Used In The Past

Camping & RV Community Memberships & Resources

Here are our favorite memberships and resources that we currently still use:

  • Passport America – with this membership you can get 50% off the nightly rate of campgrounds within their network. Join now with our link and get 4 months free!
  • Thousand Trails – campgrounds throughout the country where we camp for free with our membership:
  • Harvest Hosts – an awesome network of businesses (farms, wineries, breweries, etc. where we can overnight in exchange for checking out the business:
  • Full-Time Families – other amazing families on the road that has helped us make friends and build a community:
  • Campendium – how we find most of our camping spots, with great reviews, pictures, and info
  • Rootless Living Magazine – an excellent digital and in-print magazine “for digital nomads, by digital nomads” with great information on both traveling and working remotely. We love reading the content and have contributed several content pieces as well!
  • RV Today Magazine – this magazine is from the creators of Rootless Living Magazine, and is the only RV Owners magazine that is not owned by a dealership, campground, organization, association or agency. It will be a magazine “for RVers, by RVers.” We were in the premier issue as one of 50 RV Content Creators, where you can read about many other awesome creators you can check out! We have contributed additional content to this magazine as well.

Other memberships we’ve used in the past that we would also recommend include:

  • Escapees & Xscapers – RV club providing community, education, and multiple services and discounts. Xscapers is a group within Escapees targeted toward working-aged RVers.
  • Good Sam – get camping discounts at Good Sam campgrounds, retail discounts at Camping World and Gander RV, fuel savings and other discounts.
  • Boondockers Welcome – stay on private properties with hosts who love RVing like you do! Now you can either join this program separately or bundle it with access to Harvest Hosts locations as well!


We utilize Renogy for our solar panel and highly recommend them. Check out their site for the products and any current deals they may be running (which they offer fairly frequently!)

Solar Panels & Components:

Batteries, Inverters & Components:

We provide more info on the battery upgrade and solar system installations, costs, and time involved in the following posts:

Holding Tanks & Flow Meters

We’ve increased our ability to boondock for longer periods of time and to know how much water we have left when our tank sensors don’t work accurately. Check out these posts for those parts lists:

  • Water Flow Meters – our RV hack for knowing how much water goes into our RV and how much we use especially when RV tank sensors stop working!
  • Holding Tanks & Pumps – increasing our ability to boondock with a portable waste tank, freshwater bladder, and pumps!

Internet Connectivity

RV Gear

Business Tools


This is the curriculum we’ve used for homeschooling for our children so far:

Courses We Love

We’ve personally taken these courses to help us grow our businesses and gained a lot of value from them! If you’re wondering how we learned some of the things we do, this is how!

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