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Our maps below show you our routes for each year of our travels, from the current year immediately below, back through when we started our full-time journey in 2018. The maps even include our 6 month trip in 2013 before we knew we’d eventually be full-timers! Check back here frequently to follow our route as we update our maps quarterly.

You can always see the areas we show on our maps and the adventures we discuss in general terms below in more detail on our blog and in our YouTube videos!

2021 Travel Route

After the New Year, we left Nevada and headed to Arizona. We knew we wanted to spend some extensive time exploring this state, but we didn’t realize how long we’d end up being there. We didn’t leave Arizona until the end of May! There were so many amazing things to see and do and we spent time in Sedona, Prescott, Flagstaff, Page, Lees Ferry, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and many places in between and at amazing boondocking sites.

It started getting hot so we decided to head north, with only a short stop in UT on the way through and on into Idaho. We spent a good month and a half in ID, getting some appointments taken care of and mostly exploring the West Tetons / Teton Valley (so amazing!).

Next we’re headed to explore the Pacific Northwest to explore there more in depth. After that our travels will be dictated a bit by where the wildfires and smoke are. Winter plans this year are also still up in the air!

2020 Travel Route

There were several events in FL we wanted to attend this year so we stuck around into March with only a quick trip up to GA & SC for a few weeks to break up our time in FL.

Whatever other plans we had for the year were called off once the pandemic began and we instead decided to head west to CO via LA and TX and then quickly on to family in WA and OR to hunker down for a while.

When we finally started traveling a bit again we went through southern ID, to northwest MT. Due to the wildfires in the west we then headed south pretty quickly for a little while, into Utah and Nevada where we explored for a bit.

We headed back up to OR for late fall, then spent the holidays through the new year in Nevada.

2019 Travel Route

We were still in FL at the beginning of 2019. Our plans thereafter were dictated by the need to head north and take care of some RV maintenance, so we went to IN and IL for the spring.

Once complete, we continued traveling through IA, WI and to SD. We spent a couple months in the height of summer back in CO. Then we took off toward the NE for the fall, stopping to explore in OH and PA, then NH, VT, and ME all the way up to Bar Harbor.

Then we headed slowly down the east coast stopping in Boston, MA, D.C./VA, NC and arriving back in FL for another winter.

2018 Travel Route

We began our tull-time RV travels in February 2018 from Denver, CO. We were pretty local to that area for a few months, getting things ready to really launch. Then we started by visiting family back and forth across the country in WA, OR, and IL. Finally, we headed to FL to establish residency and spend the winter.

2013 Travel Route

In 2013, we took a 6 month sabbatical from work and moved from the Northern Virginia / Washington, D.C. area to Denver. Since this was a temporary RV trip, we tried to pack in as much as we could as see as many sites as we could. We traveled a good bit of the country. This is what our route consisted of:

First we headed to KY/IN to visit friends. Then we went to a few state parks as well as Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas. Thereafter a long drive north to Theodore Roosevelt N.P. in ND, and on to the Black Hills region in SD. Next it was on to Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone in WY.

We then went to Idaho and Craters of the Moon National Park, before continuing north to to Glacier National Park. Next we visited WA and the Olympic Peninsula.  From there we continued down the pacific coast into Oregon, to Tillamook, Honeyman State Park, Portland, and Crater Lake.

Then we continued south into CA to see Redwood National Park, Kings Canyon/Sequoia, and Joshua Tree National Park. We wrapped up our trip with the Grand Canyon, a stop in El Paso, TX and on to Denver to settle back down again….for a little while…

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