RV Budget and Expense Report – July 2022

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What does it cost to RV full-time? Welcome to this month’s RV Budget and Expense Report. Here we share our RV budget and costs for the month of July 2022.

This post will contain various RV cost categories, detailed cost numbers, budget vs actual comparisons, with graphs and charts so you can see one example of what this lifestyle costs!

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Why Are We Sharing Our RV Budget and Expenses?

This section should remain the same each month so anyone new to our reports can understand our motivations for sharing! Feel free to skip on to the next section if you’ve previously read this part!

Before we dive into sharing our budget and actual expenses for full-time RVing this month, we wanted to let you know why we’re sharing these numbers!

There are several reasons we decided to start sharing what it costs us to full-time RV:

  1. When we first started RVing, there wasn’t a lot of comprehensive information readily available for us to plan how much the RV life would cost us. We did our best, but we grossly underestimated some costs (and thankfully overestimated some others)! We want to share the information we wish we’d had to help others planning on full-time RVing, or even those currently doing this that wonder how their expenses compare and if they can make any adjustments.
  2. The whole goal of our website, YouTube channel, and social media accounts is to share, educate, and inspire others to follow their dreams and live their adventures. The financial piece to doing that can be daunting. If sharing our numbers can help others realize it’s possible, or help them plan the steps to get there, that would be awesome!
  3. We’re tracking it anyway, so why not let it help others also! We started budgeting years ago, though not as soon as we should have. It has helped us tremendously to be on the same page as a couple, to spend within our budget, and to plan, save, invest, give and otherwise enable the future we envision for our family. We feel empowered having the data and being able to analyze our expenses and steer our spending to work for us. We want the same for you!

Current RV Budget

We are operating on the same RV budget as last month. If our baseline monthly RV budget changes, we’ll put a shout-out to that effect right here! The last change was made beginning in March 2022. Changes will be made to our baseline budget if the data is showing we consistently over/under spend in a category and a change is justified/can be supported, if our goals change or for other applicable reasons. If you’ve read this section before, scroll on down to the section “Summary of RV Life This Month” for now!

This is our current RV Budget. This has evolved over time as we’ve adjusted various categories based on data we’ve gathered about our spending, goals we’ve set for our spending and savings, and various changes we’ve made over the years.

A few of the more impactful changes include:

  • purchasing a Thousand Trails membership which allows us to stay for free in associated campgrounds after paying our dues,
  • upgrading our battery bank to lithium and installing an RV solar system to enable us to do a lot more boondocking,
  • shifting from eating out a lot to cooking mostly at home.

If you’re not familiar with our family yet, we are a family of four, with two young kids and one on the way. We also have a dog. You can learn more about us here. Depending on the size of your family, the age of your kids if you have them, if you have any pets, and other variables, these may impact your own budget and expenses.

Current RV Budget

*Not included: business expenses, savings, charitable donations

Expenses Not Included

Other expenses that we don’t have that others may want to consider including:

  • Truck and RV Payments: Our truck and RV are paid off but typically you would also have a monthly payment for each of these. There are various calculators online that could help you get an idea of what a monthly payment for these might be.
  • House/Rental: We sold our house after renting it out for a while initially. If you plan to keep your home, you will have associated costs for that. Renting it out may entail management fees or other costs.
  • Storage Fees: We store some things in a family member’s storage unit at no additional cost to us. If you want to keep things in a storage unit yourself, you would have a monthly fee.
  • Laundry: We have a built in washer and dryer in our RV so we don’t need to pay extra to use laundry facilities at RV parks or in a community laundromat.
  • Firewood: We invested in a propane fire pit after the first few years. So this does increase our propane costs at times but we save on firewood.

The following chart shows the percentage each category is of our planned monthly RV budget:

Monthly RV budget pie chart with percentages

Summary of RV Life This Month

The cost of RV life can vary dramatically based on quite a few variables, such as:

  • how far and frequently we travel,
  • what part of the country we are in,
  • where we park the RV,
  • what we choose to see and do,
  • whether we had any necessary maintenance or unexpected expenses each month,
  • and so on!

These variables can cause big changes both up and down in various budget categories. We want to give you a quick summary each month to provide some perspective and shed some light on why the numbers might be a bit higher or lower than normal.

What We Did In July

In July, we arrived back in Colorado. After our amazing tour through Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and more in the months prior, we were looking to take it a bit slower and easier. We were also looking to save some money.

We were in Denver briefly for pregnancy appointments. Then we headed to western Colorado where we could stay at the new Thousand Trails campground, Blue Mesa Recreational Ranch. This saved us a lot of money in camping fees since we have the membership. We extended due to truck issues we were having, but it only cost us $28 for an extra week. Then we moved to a state park campground to round out the month and paid a fairly low rate there.

Usually when we have truck issues, it costs us a lot in maintenance and repairs. Thankfully Kevin was able to just get the parts and do the work himself this time. Though we were basically stranded for several weeks while we took care of the problem that shouldn’t have been an issue to begin with. It was caused by poor work done at a place we took the truck to months before…

Staying mostly in one place and within a single state also drastically reduced our fuel costs. Fuel costs had been astronomical in prior months due to high prices and long distance travels. We are happy to see that fuel prices are also starting to come down in general.

So based on the things we did in July, our RVing costs were very low and way under budget. Thankfully that helps us recoup some of the additional costs over budget we had in prior months.

Cost of Full-time RVing This Month

So how did we do? We not only share what we spent, but how it compares to the budget we set for ourselves shown in the above section. This will show you how things can vary month to month. It also shows that although we do our best with sticking to our budget, we’re still a work in progress. Sometimes the choices we make of where to travel or what to do are worth it to us to go over budget. Sometimes things happen that we can’t control. And sometimes we know it will average out throughout the year.

You’ll see that in some categories we go over budget and in other categories we come in under budget. These often cancel each other out. They don’t worry us too much for the most part as long as we are under the overall budget. Even then, if we are over, we try to come in under in a subsequent month to even it out. We try to address the things within our control that caused us to be over in a certain category for the next month. If it is a consistent over or under situation, we would take a harder look at our baseline budget in that area to determine if it needs a permanent adjustment for the future.

RV costs table for July 2022

*Not included: business expenses, savings & investment, charitable donations

**Rounded to the nearest $

You can find details on the memberships we use and other resources we would recommend on our Resources page.

RV Budget vs Actual RVing Costs

The following graph shows our established monthly RV budget compared to monthly actual costs incurred RVing. Each report will show past and current months year to date. It’s worth noting that since we started full-time RVing at the end of February 2018, we track our RVing year from March to February. Each future report will include each subsequent month, until we reach the end of the year. At that time we’ll publish an annual summary and then start over for the next year!

RV budget vs Actual costs graph

Even More RV Resources & Content

We’d love for you to check back next month as we’ll again share our monthly RV costs. We also have several RV budget videos with more to come, on our YouTube channel playlist: RV Budget & Cost Saving Tips.

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You can view all of our RV Budget series posts here.

Do you want to create your own tables, charts and graphs like the above? You can sign up to download the free spreadsheet and input your own budget and actual costs!

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