Glacier National Park, Montana – Family

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Glacier National Park is another of our favorite parks now that we’ve experienced it! The road that runs through the park is called the Going-to-the-Sun Road and it is aptly named, as we climbed higher and higher as we wound our way through the park from the West Entrance up to Logan Pass and then down again to the Saint Mary entrance. Not only was our time in Glacier wonderful while seeing the park itself, it was enhanced because we were able to see family in the area.

K’s Aunt S and Uncle G live in Columbia Falls, MT. They were really gracious and hospitable and invited us to park on their lawn for the week we were there. It was a great site to park the trailer and we were so close to the West Glacier entrance that it couldn’t have been more convenient! We really appreciate you Aunt S and Uncle G! It was really nice to meet K’s family members and he was thrilled to see them again. It’s one thing to meet up with family when you are younger, and another to interact and create relationships as an adult (because boy do we change over the years!). They were volunteering a lot of their time at their church’s fireworks stand while we were there but we still got to spend some time together, including going out to dinner one night, and going on a hike with Aunt S (more on that later).

K’s Cousin T and her husband R as well as their three sons also live nearby (not to mention their horses (and a cuuuute new foal), cows, chickens, rabbits, pigs, dogs, cats…). They also have a great garden and have been upgrading their home. So impressive, and so interesting to see – it gives us ideas that we might want chickens and rabbits in addition to our planned future garden! One night we went to the local rodeo where we met up with T and R. This was K’s first rodeo. It was a fun time. Side story about my experience with a rodeo as a child. When my Dad was still in the Army, they once had French exchange soldiers and decided to show them something distinctly American and so they put on a rodeo.  I very vividly remember my Dad roping a calf. Somehow, in my child-mind, I thought “my Dad is a rodeo star”. So years later, when I remarked to my Dad, “oh, when you used to be a rodeo cowboy…” we both got a good laugh out of it. 🙂 Skipping ahead: on our last night we went over to their place for a 4th of July BBQ and fireworks party. We loved the fireworks, but the cows sure didn’t! 🙂 Thanks again T and R – dinner was delicious!

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