5 Places To Stay Near Page, Arizona

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There are so many great places to stay near Page Arizona that we decided it needed it’s own post. Page is very popular, so be prepared to spend a little bit more on a campsite then you might otherwise! Fortunately, the views are simply outstanding from pretty much all of the campgrounds in the area. Click below to see all the amazing places to stay near Page Arizona that we scoped out on our visit:

Beehives Campground

Beehives Campground is located on a rise above Glen Canyon Dam. However, you can’t actually see the dam from the campground. Fortunately, the views of Lake Powell more than make up for it! On top of that, the trail for The New Wave is right outside of the campground.

Beehives Campground in Page Arizona

This is a very small campground with only 6 sites. The nice part is that the sites are large and you get a picnic table. At one point it was free to stay here. Now it’s $14 per night with a 3 night limit. Don’t expect any RV hookups, a dump station, or even a bathroom here. We used the free dump station at the Maverik station next to Walmart that we mentioned in the video.

The 3 night limit is kind of a bummer. Although that does mean there is a lot of turnover. If you want a spot here, try to get there before noon!

Lone Rock Beach Primitive Camping Area

Lone Rock Beach is not actually in Page Arizona, but it is right over the border in Utah. Approximately 10 miles north of Glen Canyon Dam, you get a lot for your $14 a night fee here. They have bathrooms, dumpsters, and a dump station. There are no designated sites, but this area is massive! You can also stay for a full 14 days if you like.

Lone Rock Beach Camping

There are three main areas here: The ridge above the beach, a large lot close to the dump station, or the packed sand between the two. The ridge above the beach is by far the most popular spot. You get the best beach views from here but it gets pretty crowded on the weekends. The area by the dump station also has some pretty great views and keeps you out of the sand, which can be treacherous. Our favorite was the in between space because there was so much more room.

We did see at least two people get stuck in the sand. Because of that, we would highly recommend 4 wheel drive for going down in the sand. Our last recommendation is to be ready for a lot of wind and blowing sand! Much of our outdoor time was based around the wind forecast.

Wahweap RV & Campground

The Wahweap RV Park has various types of sites (no hookups, full-hookups, tent camping, group camping) & prices vary accordingly. We paid $68/night which is high for us, but we’d been doing a lot of boondocking & took full advantage of the full hookups for a few nights to wash everything and reset for more boondocking.

Wahweap Campground in Page Arizona

Of course a place like this had more facilities and amenities. Again, you also pay the park admission or show your America the Beautiful or other park pass. There are nice views from the campground and driving through Wahweap in general. Even if you’re not staying in the campground it’s worth coming through here to see the views of Lake Powell, go to the resort or restaurants, marina, picnic area or swim beach.

Antelope Point RV Park

The RV Park at Antelope Point Marina has over 100 spots with both back-in and pull-through full hookup sites that appear to cost $70 and $80 a night. There are great views all around. This puts you incredibly close to Antelope Canyon for when those tours reopen, or if you want to take a boat there. You can also take a walk down to the water.

Antelope Point RV Park in Page Arizona

This RV park is a recent addition to the area. We didn’t actually stay here, but the sites look like they are more spacious than the Wahweap campground. It’s also a bit further away from Page.

Glen Canyon Overlook Lot

If you’re somehow unlucky in finding another spot for the night, or just want a quick free place to be, you can park in this gravel area next to the Glen Canyon Dam bridge. The views are nice, but you are right off the road, and we did see big rig trucks parked here as well running their engines.

This would make for a really nice lunch spot. It could also be a potential alternative to Walmart if you need it. The reviews aren’t great, but it was clean when we checked it out.

Walmart Parking Lot

There is a Walmart in town that is another popular option for an easy free overnight. Any time we drove by we saw quite a few RVs here in the back left corner when facing the store. Overnighting here would let you restock on any essentials and we also found they had quick open WiFi.

Lees Ferry Campground

Lees Ferry Campground is a bit further away from Page Arizona and is about 50 minutes over the mountain in Marble Canyon, AZ. It has 54 sites, and no reservations, first come first served. It has no hookups but does have an RV dump station. A word of caution though, the water fill didn’t have an adaptor for a hose which can be a problem if you don’t have a gravity fill for your fresh water tank (like us). So Kevin had to manually hold the two hoses together through a water flow meter to make it work. A ranger said unfortunately, an adapter they had kept getting stolen.

There is a 14 day limit and it is currently $20 per night. You also have to pay the park admission or again show your America the Beautiful or other park pass. It is near lots to see and do which we’ll show you next week!

Soap Creek Dispersed Camping

There are plenty of boondocking alternatives to Lees Ferry Campground. It might be full, or you might just prefer to camp for free! Also, there are numerous pullouts along Highway 89A. A ranger told us that if you go a mile past the Marble Canyon Lodge, you can stay in any of them up to the 14 day limit.

We went a bit further down the road to the Soap Creek Dispersed Camping boondocking area. Be careful of the big dip coming off of the highway and make sure to close the gate behind you. We grabbed a site on the left not too far in. After that the road splits with the left getting quite a bit rockier and difficult. However, if you have a more capable RV or van, it was beautiful near the rim of Marble Canyon. Either way you should drive, bike, or hike out there to see it if you can. There are even more boondocking spots along the right fork.

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