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KÜHL Travel Pants Review | For Those Who Love Travel!

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If there is any clothing my husband Kevin could live in days on end, it would be clothing from KÜHL. Oh wait, he pretty much already has, and instead of days, make that years! Let us tell you why we love KÜHL clothing so much and tell you about our first time recently trying out the KÜHL men’s and women’s travel pants!

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About KÜHL

KÜHL prides itself on making exceptionally high quality clothing that excels in rugged performance driven environments as well as with the casual style to be worn in daily life. They are still a privately owned and independent company which means they can set their own priorities and direction when it comes to the quality and value customers can expect to receive from their products.

We highly resonate with their goal to “inspire you to follow your true calling, true passions and support independents in all walks of life” since living the full-time RV life with our family certainly is following our passions. Every time we share our lives and adventures with you all, we hope to in turn inspire you in your dreams as well!

Besides all that, their slogan “Born In The Mountains®” has to be one of the coolest ever, and one we can get behind as that’s our personal favorite landscape as well!

How We Discovered KÜHL

We didn’t know all this when Kevin first discovered these KÜHL men’s shirts and bought several back in 2013. We only knew we were on an epic work sabbatical and traveling the USA in our travel trailer ready to have an incredible adventure and spend as much time in the outdoors and exploring as possible. Also, we were in desperate need of some new outdoor clothing and ended up buying Kevin’s first KÜHL Shirts.

Over those 6 months, 28 states, 16000 miles driven and hundreds of miles hiked, we quickly discovered these were his new favorite shirts, and he has worn them any chance he gets ever since.

Our Experience With KÜHL Shirts

It’s the only clothing we’ve ever had that has survived for years and years, and when a button came off of one, been sent back to KÜHL to be repaired, returned, and worn for another few years! Now that’s customer service! They hold up so well and look so good, Kevin has worn them so much throughout the years and in our current full-time RVing lifestyle:

  • To work and on date nights
  • Hikes of all lengths, rocking climbing, into caves, and on top of mountains
  • At the birth of all 3 of our kids (yes really!)
  • Daily parenting, lounging around the campsite, or casually exploring the area
  • Taking care of RV tasks like maintenance, moving day, and even the dreaded sewer dump
  • Filming and creation of our videos and other content
  • And so much more!

KÜHL Travel Pants Review

Woman sitting on picnic table with man in front of RV both wearing KUHL travel pants

So when KÜHL asked if we wanted to try their men’s and women’s travel pants to give our honest opinions, we were excited to say yes! However, we also knew there were some high expectations they’d have to meet!

Women’s Kontour Skinny Travel Pants

I, Christine, tried the women’s Kontour Skinny travel pants. It’s available in multiple colors that made it hard to choose, but I selected the metal blue. This color pairs flexibly with my other clothing which is a great thing. Some of the brighter colors especially I thought would be really fun choices also and great for eye catching photographs.

I chose the longer 33 inseam, as I am 5’8″ and like to make sure my pants are long enough. This length turned out to be the perfect choice! I loved that this option was available. The Kontour Skinny travel pants have a comfortable flattering fit, similar to a good pair of jeans. I can dress them up or down depending on the activity. This makes them very versatile!

I particularly like the amount of stretch which allowed a good amount of movement. I also appreciated the mid-high rise waist especially as an active mom of 3 now!

Men’s Silencr Pant

Kevin tested out the men’s Silencr Pant. His first word after putting them on was a simple yet telling, “wow.” Since then these have quickly become his favorite and most often worn pants.

What he likes best is how lightweight yet still durable they are. The material is quick drying and has stayed wrinkle free. They are comfortable and versatile for all our activities. There are several pockets as well that are good sizes.

The dark roast color is really nice and has helped hide anything that’s gotten on them as we’ve been out exploring. I mentioned before that his KÜHL shirts were just as useful out on the trail as on date night, and I think especially with the color he chose that Silencr Pant could be used in all scenarios too!

KÜHL Clothing Rocks For Our Lifestyle

For our full-time RVing and travel lifestyle, where our home is a small space, we live minimally, explore the outdoors, and sightsee in all sorts of amazing places, KÜHL travel pants and shirts fit right in. We adventure with our family and need to be able to keep up after kids. We need clothes that are high-quality, durable, and multi-purpose yet stylish and these hit the mark.

We’ve tried other brands and they often don’t hold up the same way as our KÜHL clothing has. So since many of the other KÜHL travel pants look like great options as well, we just might have to add more to our wardrobe at some point!

Ready to try out your own KÜHL travel pants or other clothing?

If you’re looking for travel pants and other clothing with great functionality for your adventures and day to day, we highly recommend you check out KÜHL!

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