Fort Collins

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Fort Collins lies to the north of Denver. We had never been there before so we took a day trip recently. The drive up is nice as you continue to have great mountain views all the way. Although the city lies next to the foothills, we felt like they weren’t quite as striking here as in Denver and Colorado Springs. We drove over to Horsetooth Mountain Park as well as the Reservoir to check out the scenery. We explored the town a bit, including the “Old Town” downtown area which has a lot of shops and restaurants. We also stopped in at two local breweries, Black Bottle (delicious chili and baked brie, mmm) and High Hops (this one was especially neat as the building is joined with a gardener and there were tables set up in the greenhouse area).

So although from our initial impressions we don’t think we’d want to live in Fort Collins, and part of our journey there was to assess that possibility, it was a fun day trip. Here are some pictures:

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