Emergency RV Repairs Completed | Exploring Sedona, AZ

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With our repairs complete, we were supposed to pick up the trailer at 5pm on a Thursday. Instead of trying to get set up and settled in the dark, we opted to spend one more night in an Airbnb and pick it up at noon on Friday. It was so good to be home! We had a little bit of a muddy adventure getting settled into our boondocking site near Sedona, AZ, but ended up in a beautiful site.

Scenic drives, hiking galore, jeep tours, you name it. It’s easy to see why Sedona AZ is such a popular location. Nestled in a valley with towering red sandstone formations all around, there’s lots to do. We even had Hot Air Balloons passing over us in the mornings! Click below for the second half of our trailer suspension woes and our adventures in Sedona, Arizona:

Sedona, AZ

Sedona is best known for its panoramic views of red sandstone cliffs. Because of them, sunrises and sunsets are particularly striking. It also has a vibrant downtown with all sorts of shops and restaurants. I would call it a very unique tourist town not quite like any other.

Sedona is also a very popular hiking destination. Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte, and Cathedral Rock are some of the most popular trails right in town. There are countless others in the surrounding areas! Make sure you get started early as the parking lots for the trailheads fill up fast.

Other popular things to do in the area are the Jeep (Pink, Red Rock, or Safari) or ATV tours (alternatively, these are the ones we saw by our campsite) and hot air balloon rides. From our campsite on Forest Road 525 we saw the tours going by every single day.

Where to Stay

There are a couple of RV parks in town, but it seems like the popular thing to do is to camp for free along FR525. And by popular, I mean it was the busiest boondocking site we have seen to date! There is a procession of vans and smaller RVs that come and go every morning and evening. The dirt cul-de-sac that we called home for a week was typically occupied by us and maybe two other RVs by day and up to 8 or 9 by night.

The views from FR525 get even better the further back you go. However, the place is so busy we just hope it doesn’t get shut down due to over use. Please please please pick up after yourselves!

Repaired 5th Wheel Suspension

We ended up with two new spring hangers. Obviously the snapped one was replaced, but they went ahead and replaced the one opposite it on the passenger side as well. Because there were cracked welds by each of our 4 wheels, the shop removed the two big crossbeams underneath, ground them down, and rewelded everything with some thicker connecting pieces than were originally there. Now that it’s “better than new,” we are hoping to get a lot more mileage out of it. Of course, we’ll always be on the lookout for any further issues.

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Hot air balloon, Chapel of the Holy Cross, and Cathedral Rock
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