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The Best Fulltime RV Gifts For Any Occasion!

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We’ve compiled a list of the best gifts for RVers. Fulltime RV gifts or weekend warriors, there’s something for everyone! These ideas will make the RV lifestyle and RV camping more fun! These RV gift ideas include some of our favorite RV things and we know whoever you are gifting them to will love them!

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Things To Keep In Mind When Buying RV Gifts

When gifting things to RVers, there are some things to keep in mind. Ask yourself these questions about any potential RV gifts:

  • What is the size of the item?
  • Do they have room for it? Does it weigh a lot?
  • Is it useful in the RVing lifestyle? Things that might be great in a house might not get much opportunity for use while RVing.
  • Do they even want more stuff? Or should you look at something that’s not a physical item or is a consumable that won’t take up space forever?

RV Gifts List

We have some really fun ideas for RV gifts for you for things we’ve received and loved, have gifted with good feedback, or that are on our personal future gift lists. We hope this comes in handy for the upcoming holiday season or the next time you need a gift idea for an RVer!

Item #1: An Instant Pot Steam diverter

Since many RVers have an instant pot, a steam diverter will help protect cabinets and ceilings from excess moisture as you release the pressure from an Instant Pot since it diverts it away to the side. As a bonus, it’s a fun event for our kids to get excited about and watch. They have more plain versions of these too, or you can go with a fun dragon like ours!

Our instant pot steam diverter:

Item #2: Unbreakable, lightweight, collapsible, and/or compact dishes, drinkware, or cookware

Though we have a lot of regular and breakable kitchen items, we also have quite a few great things that fit these criteria, and they’re really useful to RVers. In our video we showed several examples in the drinkware category to give you some ideas. You can get someone an insulated coffee mug (customized with pictures, a Yeti is always good quality, or a smaller version). There are stainless steel cups in various sizes (we use some smaller ones for our kids), and tumblers. There are insulated versions with lids, or you can find fun RV or travel themed versions around.

Getting these kinds of things will gift them something to have their coffee in on travel days, their beverage of choice around a campfire, or in a non-breakable container to take to the pool! There are lots of options in this category out there like more durable plates, collapsible colanders, and nestable bowls for example.

Compact drinkware:

Our favorite dishes:

Item #3: Consumables

This is a good one because consumables can be enjoyed and then when they’re all used up there’s nothing to find a place for in the RV anymore! This can include things like jellies and honey, maple syrup, tea and coffee, chocolates, nuts, fruit, various drinks, hot sauces, lotions, you name it! This is definitely one of the tastiest gift options!

If seeing German cookies in our video made you want some:

Item #4: An Essential Oil Diffuser

We love our diffuser to give our RV a really nice scent, but without having to worry about candles or a fire hazard. We also consider it a decorative item and it lends a nice light to the inside of the RV when our other lights are dimmed.

Our Diffuser:

Item #5: A Letter board

Decorative space in an RV is at a premium, and this and the next item will help with that. Rather than having various items hung around with quotes and verses that I like that you would often find as decoration in a home, I can switch them up any time I want. It can be used for notes, to post a menu, as a picture prop, as seasonal or holiday décor, or for any motivational messages!

Letter Board:

Item #6: A Digital picture frame

Likewise, there’s less space for pictures and you may not be inclined to hang up a ton of picture frames on your walls. Or you’ve put some up, but don’t have room for more. Put a ton of pictures on a thumb drive to pop in a digital picture frame and you’ll have lots of memories to look at in one little spot. This is really a great gift option.

Digital Picture Frame:

Item #7: RV Specific Memberships

A good RV membership to gift would be a Harvest Hosts Membership which lets the RVer spend a night parked on the property of a winery, brewery, distillery, museum, farm in exchange for checking out the business and supporting them with a purchase. We’ve really enjoyed our Harvest Hosts stays as they’re not just camping, it’s a fun experience. There are several other memberships that could be options for RV gifts but you might need to know a bit more about their style of travel. These would be: Fulltime Families, a Thousand Trails Camping Pass, Passport America, Good Sam, Escapees or Xscapers, and Boondockers Welcome.

Harvest Hosts:

Boondockers Welcome:

Thousand Trails Camping Pass:

Good Sam (Discounts at Camping World + Some Campgrounds):

Passport America (Campground Discounts):


Fulltime Families:

Item #8: Museum Memberships

A Museum Membership can give you access not only to that specific museum, but reciprocal membership to tons of other museums all over the country! There are lots of options for what membership to get and what types of places it covers, so I’ll link the in-depth article I wrote about it below. But one easy option is to go with the one we really like, which is through the Western North Carolina Nature Center (WNC) located in Asheville, NC. Its benefits include participating Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC) institutions. The Kern County Museum and the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery are other popular options.

Guide To Museum Memberships:

Item #9: Experiences

This is another one of our favorite ideas for RV gifts. You are giving not only a fun experience, but memories that will last a lifetime. This can include things like mini-golf, horseback riding, a hot air balloon ride, movie tickets, going to the theater, museums & exhibits, zoo animal encounters, events, skydiving, a cooking or other type of class, and so on. And if you can go on the experience with the person you’re gifting it to and create a memory together, even better!

Item #10: A National Parks Pass or Annual State Park Pass

These are amazing gifts. If your friend or family member plans to visit several national parks in the coming year, this is an extremely worthwhile gift. Or they may be traveling to or around a certain state and plan to visit a lot of the state parks there. Having an annual pass would help them see some truly amazing places.

National Parks Pass:

For State Park Passes, check out the state parks website of the specific state you’re interested in.

Item #11: RVing Magazines

There are a couple of really great RVing magazines out there that we highly recommend. One is Rootless Living Magazine, a magazine for digital nomads by digital nomads and an amazing resource for anyone working on the road while traveling. The other is RV Today Magazine which is a brand new magazine from the creators of Rootless Living, for RVers, by RVers. It’s a magazine covering ALL types of RVs and RVers featuring engaging and informative stories of places, people, and helpful products. Both offer print or digital subscriptions.

Rootless Living:

RV Today:

Item #12: Books, Journals, or Logbooks

There are so many options out there for RV and travel related books, I couldn’t even begin to name specific ones or we’d be here all day. A quick search of the internet or an online bookstore will give you lots of options. There are also journals and logbooks where RVers can track things like the campgrounds they stayed in and what their experience was like, hikes they went on, people they met, and so on, to remember their travels by.

RV Books:

Item #13: A Subscription to Kindle Unlimited or similar service

Traditional books can also be heavy the more you have. I remember any time we moved before RVing full-time, book boxes were some of the heaviest ones! So an e-book subscription lets you read all sorts of books without having to physically carry them around in the RV. We use Kindle Unlimited and it’s been great.

Kindle Unlimited Subscription:

Item #14: Gift cards

Gift cards will always be well received. RVers spend a lot of money on fuel, so a gift card to a national gas station chain would be helpful. Camping World could be another option since they’re also all over and RVers can stock up on RV related items themselves. And Amazon as well since the options there are practically endless and it’s fairly easy to get it shipped to an RVer’s location or a nearby Amazon locker. Lots of other giftcard options exist.

Item #15: Quality Flashlights or headlamps

Good quality lights are incredibly helpful. A good headlamp keeps your hands free and has various brightness settings for when you’re walking down a dark trail or checking something out under a trailer. We’ve found that a really bright flashlight like tactical flashlights are really helpful when we arrive at a campground in the dark. They’re really bright so you can check out your campsite and watch out for low branches. And don’t worry if you think the RVer in your life already has flashlights, you really can’t have enough of them!

Tactical Flashlights:

Rechargeable Headlamps:

Item #16: A State Sticker Map

The RV life involves some amazing travels, and RVers like to keep track of where they’ve gone and how many states they’ve visited. State sticker maps are awesome because you can add a sticker each time you check off another state, though all RVers know criteria for earning a state vary. There is also a map of Canada that can be added above the one for the U.S. as well if the person you are gifting travels there too!

State Sticker Map:

Item #17: Water flow meters

Another great gift idea is a garden hose water flow meter. These are inexpensive and are really nice for knowing exactly how much water you are putting into your freshwater tank. This helps you to know when it’s almost full so you don’t overfill it and splash water everywhere or if you just want to put 10 gallons in for a travel day so you’re not carrying more weight than you need. We have a separate video/blog post on how we use this and a second water flow meter that required some installation, if you’d like to know more.

Water Flow Meter:

More info on how we use this and another flow meter:

Item #18: Pie Irons

These are great for a campfire cooked meal. You can make breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert in one of these babies. Put your bread on either side, then fill it with goodies. Egg, cheese, and sausage for breakfast, panini ingredients for lunch, pizza sauce, cheese and toppings for dinner, and chocolate, marshmallows, banana, peanut butter, or pie filling for dessert. The combinations are endless. Hold it over the flame, periodically turning it, until the bread is slightly brown the ingredients are cooked. To us this isn’t just a meal, it’s an experience, and extra fun if you can share it with friends!

Pie Irons:

Item #19: A Hammock.

While out RVing, at some point it will be time to do a little relaxing around the campsite. And a great way to do that is in a hammock!


Other RV Gifts We Didn’t Mention In The Video

Here’s a list of other ideas for RV gifts:

  • Decorative RV items
  • E-Bikes or E-Bike Accessories (alternately, a foldable bike that is or isn’t an e-bike)
  • Drone
  • Inflatable Paddleboard or Paddleboard Accessories (alternately an inflatable kayak)
  • Hiking GPS like Garmin InReach Mini (with ability to send location, S.O.S., etc.)
  • Subscription to All Trails if they like hiking
  • GPS Unit for RVers
  • Fire ball (for fire safety)
  • Quality WiFi booster
  • Onboard RV fire safe/lock box
  • 12V to USB Outlet adapter
  • Stasher reusable silicone storage bags
  • Turkish Towels
  • Decorative corkboard to hang campsite address/coordinates near RV door
  • Clothing (comfy gear for around the campfire, hiking, etc.)
  • Activity/Hobby Based Gear (hiking poles, camping gear, climbing gear, photography or filming gear, depending on what they enjoy doing)

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