Portable RV Waste Tank, Freshwater Tank and Pumps

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Since we finished our Solar Install we have been doing a lot more boondocking. We typically stay out for a week at a time before breaking camp to dump our holding tanks and refill freshwater. In order to extend that, we decided to buy a portable waste tank, freshwater bladder, and a couple of pumps to move liquid back and forth. In this post and video we’ll explain exactly how we did it and provide the parts list!

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Be Your Own Pump-Out Truck

This has been a real game changer for us. It’s a lot of work to pack up a large 5th Wheel, pack snacks, load the family, and hitch up! Naturally, we never liked the idea of doing all of that just to dump and fill. We would prefer to reserve all that work for changing the scenery! This new setup adds a lot of peace of mind and flexibility to our schedule. Feel like staying a little longer? No problem!

On top of that, we get more showers this way! That might not sound like a huge deal, but there’s some added peace of mind knowing I can squeeze in another couple of showers in a week. Especially when you are operating in water conservation mode all the time.

Finally, the other big benefit is at campsites without sewer connections. They are typically cheaper than full-hookup spots and almost always have a dump station on site. This allows us to stay longer in these types of campgrounds too.

The Parts List

It’s worth noting that the last item on the list is for using the macerator pump to dump directly into a regular RV sewer port. The kind that you would see at a campground or dump station. As of the time of this writing, we haven’t actually used it. However, it’s nice to have.

Lastly, the list does not include any parts for the power port in our water bay. This is the 12V connection that powers our macerator and freshwater pump. This connection came with our RV. It was originally a “Solar On The Side” connection from GoPower. I just repurposed it because I was never going to use it for its intended purpose.

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