Family Life

Introducing Maggie, Our New Dog

We recently adopted a local shelter dog who has made herself at home with us and fits right into the family. Her name is Maggie, which is short for Magnolia. This is the name that she came with, and because she responded so well to it and we couldn’t think of anything we really preferred,…

Family Life

Our Trip Back to Virginia

At the end of October / beginning of November, we took a trip back to Virginia. There were a lot of things that we fit into this one trip. We hadn’t been back to VA since leaving on our grand adventure, so we wanted to make sure we got a chance to see some folks….

Family Life


We’re planning on having some of my relatives here for Thanksgiving, so of course we wanted to have some home-brewed beer on tap. Since we have other things going on over the next few weeks and due to the amount of time it takes beer to ferment and then condition in the keg, we had…

Family Life

Our New Rental Home

Finding a rental home in the Denver area was a full-time job in and of itself for the first six days that we were in town. Pretty much from sun-up to sun-down we were occupied with this task – browsing the internet, calling owners and listing agents, leaving voicemails, waiting for call-backs, scheduling time to…

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RV Cooking volume 2

While visiting K’s sister in Spokane, who as K mentioned is a fantastic and deliciously inventive cook, we got a few other tasty recipes that are fast becoming staples for us. These are healthier versions of what we were previously eating. Overnight OatsThis recipe is made the night before and is immediately ready to eat…