Baby Shower BBQ and Blessingway

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Our baby shower BBQ and Blessingway were wonderful. They were everything we hoped for and more. My sister, best friend, and grandmother all came into town and other local friends and family also came and celebrated with us.

For the baby shower, we set up outside on our covered patio, had lots of tasty food, K’s homebrew (or sparkling juice for me!), played cornhole and a few baby shower games, and opened gifts from a bunch of thoughtful and generous folks! It was a really great afternoon of fun celebration in anticipation of baby’s arrival.

The Blessingway was a more intimate event with just my sister, best friend, grandmother, and K. We set up on the lawn, on picnic blankets under a canopy. We enjoyed a brunch of scones, fruit and other toppings, and tea. After we finished this yummy meal and relaxed conversation, we began opening the many well wish cards people had returned. We went around the circle, taking turns reading the advice, verses, poems, and words of encouragement aloud. Everyone’s words really moved us, and at times I found myself tearing up – (and the others were not immune either!) – and built me up and warmed my soul for the upcoming labor and K and I’s journey into parenthood. We strung all of the beads onto a wonderfully colorful and symbolic necklace. We wrapped up the blessingway with prayer, as each person laid their hands on my belly and we all took turns praying for us, the labor, and little baby girl. It was moving and very powerful.

Thanks again to everyone who was a part of these events from near or far. We want you to know how much your encouragement and support meant to us. We love you!

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