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RV Life Bloopers From Full-Time Family Travel Vloggers

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Here is a gag reel compilation of all of our RV life bloopers from our 1st year on YouTube! Our vlog gag reel is at the end of each travel video. We have a lot of fun with our bloopers and outtakes so we thought we’d put together a series of them along with some that have never been seen before!

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Typically our bloopers include outtakes where we’ve messed up what we’re trying to say, stumble over our words, or have to do several retakes haha. There are also times where we trip on something or run into things lol.

Then of course there are the kids and they are always cute and funny. Sometimes we capture something particularly good and just have to share!

We hope you enjoyed our RV life bloopers and got a laugh out of them today! Definitely stick around until the end of our videos to see if there are more fun bloopers for you to watch! We’ll plan to do a similar blooper reel at the end of our next year as well so stay tuned!

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