Family in Northwest Montana in front of a waterfall and Libby Dam Lake Koocanusa

Northwest Montana Waterfalls | Lake Koocanusa | Libby Dam

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Chances are, if you ask someone what comes to mind when they think of RVing in Montana, they will say Glacier National Park or parts of Yellowstone. Those two locations also come with lots of crowds. A huge, gorgeous state like this has much more to offer. Click below for our adventures in Northwest Montana at Lake Koocanusa.

Northwest Montana – Off The Beaten Path

Everyone wants to find that hidden gem. That place that is both beautiful and relatively undiscovered. As it turns out, there are a lot of them. Maybe that’s why, after a couple of years on the road, we still feel like there is so much to see and do. It’s amazing what you can find by just searching for “hiking trail” or “waterfall” on the map. We’ve found a lot of amazing day trips this way. Of course not everything you find will be that perfect adventure you have been looking for, but you can’t find the gems without doing a little exploration.

Koocanusa Bridge, Libby Dam, and Waterfalls

At 422ft tall and 3,055ft long, Libby Dam makes an impressive stop while out for a drive around the lake. We didn’t make it all the way around in a single day, so the dam served as our turn around point while we were out exploring the area. The bridge across Lake Koocanusa is the tallest (270ft) and longest (2437ft) bridge in Montana and has pull offs at either end so you can take it all in. The first waterfall in the video is actually 20-30 miles east of the lake and is called Sunday Creek Falls. The second one is Little North Fork Falls on the west side of the lake.

Lake Koocanusa Campgrounds

Like we said in the video, we stayed with friends and family on this trip. However, there are almost too many other options to list. Rexford Bench Campground is on the north end of the lake and is easily reservable online. There are also numerous recreation areas up and down Lake Koocanusa with first come first served sites. Peck Gulch and Rocky Gorge recreation areas on the east side of the lake both have campgrounds. Rocky Gorge looked like it could suite big rigs, but there didn’t appear to be any RV hookups.

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