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Southern Idaho | City of Rocks and Castle Rocks | Almo

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There are many adventures to be had in Castle Rocks State Park and City of Rocks National Reserve near Almo, Idaho! One week in this hiking and rock climbing paradise was not enough. Half way into this vlog we even discover a stow away!

Campground Options

We stayed in Smokey Mountain Campground which is part of Castle Rocks State Park. Because we have a big rig, this felt like our best option between the two areas. City of Rocks National Reserve has a number of absolutely stunning campsites. If you are tent camping or have a small RV, this is definitely the campground for you. Check out Reserve America for reservations at either campground.

There are also some private campgrounds nearby, but it seemed that most of them were closed due to Covid while we were there. I will admit, I didn’t really look into them because we knew we wanted to stay in the State Park. You also do not have to worry about entrance/use fees at the State Park when staying in their campground.

Summer Heat

We knew visiting in August would mean we would most likely have some pretty warm days. While not oppressively hot, we still had temperatures in the mid 90’s every day. As a result, we limited most of our exploration to late afternoons and evenings.

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