A couple standing on the Bonneville Salt Flats & Lamoille Canyon

Bonneville Salt Flats & Lamoille Canyon

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While heading west out of Utah, we made a quick stop at the Bonneville Salt Flats. It’s hard to miss. The road is just straight and flat for miles. With white, salty expanses all around, there’s really no mistaking where you are. On top of that, there is a convenient interstate rest area where you can walk or drive right out onto the salt flats. Afterwards, we continued into the Ruby Mountains of Nevada to visit Lamoille Canyon. A must see if you find yourself travelling through northern Nevada, it is completely unlike the surrounding desert. Click below to watch as our adventures lead us out of Utah and into Nevada:

Bonneville Salt Flats

One of the many salt flats in the area, this is one of the largest. It’s mostly famous for the many land speed records that have been set here. The rest area right off of I-80 is nice and convenient to check it out. So, if you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth a stop!

Lamoille Canyon

A glacial canyon named for the town of Lamoille near the mouth of it, it’s been called “The Yosemite of Nevada” or “The Grand Canyon of Nevada.” While it may not quite live up to those titles, it is still worth a visit. Because it is so different from the surrounding area, it also carries with it a special kind of appeal. We enjoyed the hike to Island Lake, but I can only imagine how good some of the other lakes in the upper reaches were. Thomas Canyon Campground, halfway up the canyon, is also worth a mention here. It’s beautiful, but not having cell service was a no go for us.

South Lake State Recreation Area, NV

All of Nevada’s State Parks are first come, first served for campgrounds. We find it a little strange that they don’t have any sort of reservation system. However, that also makes the campsites cheaper. Technically we stayed at a State Recreation Area campground, but it is operated by the state park system. Only two of the sites here had full hookups and we stayed in one that was electric only. There wasn’t an awful lot else in the area, but we would definitely stay here again. It is on a lake with views of the mountains and the sunsets were incredible.

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