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While boondocking nearby at The Wedge, we made an evening excursion over to Buckhorn Wash. What an unassuming name! This place is absolutely incredible! It starts out as a gentle downhill drive that just gets better and better. Slowly but surely it turns into a canyon with cliffs towering 1500 feet above your head. If that isn’t enough, it also has short hikes to an arch, a dinosaur footprint, and a large panel of ancient pictographs that you can drive right up to. Click below for Part 2 of our adventures in Utah:

Buckhorn Wash – What We Missed

Clearly we did not devote enough time to this area. Truthfully, I didn’t even know about the dinosaur foot print until I started doing some research to write this article. Ruin Arch is another one we missed since we did not know its exact location before driving in. As it turns out, that one requires a bit of a scramble to get up to the view point and we did not think it was something our kids were going to make it up. Yet another site I wish we had known about is the Rochester Rock Art Panel. It is about an hour away from The Wedge and even larger than the petroglyph panel we visited. Sounds like we need to arrange another visit!

More Free Camping

Campedium continues to be our favorite resource for Boondocking. Here’s their link for Buckhorn Wash dispersed camping, but almost the entire area is on BLM land. As you drive through there are numerous areas you could pull off and camp with awesome views. We stayed up by The Wedge because the cell service was much better.

Little Zion

If the San Rafael Canyon can claim the title of Little Grand Canyon (and yes, it most certainly can!), then Buckhorn Wash is like a little Zion National Park. The cliffs at Zion are between 500 and 2000 feet tall depending where you are in the park. Here they rise up to 1500 feet near the end. The real bonus to visiting “Little Zion” is the lack of other people. There won’t be anyone around to see your jaw drop while checking these places out!

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