Flexible VS Rigid Solar Panels

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We’ve had a number of comments, mostly on YouTube, about Flexible vs Rigid Solar Panels. Most of our comments have been really positive. Some just wanted to point out that rigid ones are better. Others asked about how ours have been holding up. After someone linked a video from another YouTuber who’s had some issues with flexible panels, a light came on. We took this opportunity to clear up any questions about why we went with flexible panels:

Are Rigid Solar Panels Better?

Yes! Mostly. Glass panels are cheaper and typically last a lot longer. They also weigh a whole lot more. That’s not a big deal for a residential install, but it sure can be for an RV. We just didn’t have an extra 400lbs of cargo capacity for solar panels.

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How Long Will Flexible Solar Panels Last?

Not nearly as long as glass panels. Rigid glass panels are typically quoted as lasting 20-30 years. Flexible panels have a maximum lifespan half about half that.

Despite some of the issues others have reported with flexible solar panels, we did not see it as that big of a risk. We bought our panels from Renogy and they have a 25 year power output warranty. Renogy is pretty well known in the world of solar equipment manufacturers. Of course, if any issues come up we will be sure to report back!

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