Entering Arkansas & Hot Springs National Park

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After spending a little more time in Evansville, IN, as well as taking a side trip to IL to see friends K and J and to watch the Kentucky Derby, we drove down to Arkansas. In that day of driving, we were in IN, KY, TN, MO, and AR, wow!

Crossing the Mississippi River
(Wir fahren ueber den Mississippi River)

We stayed one night in a random RV park, which was pretty run down and the RVs were packed in very near each other, but at $12.50 for full hookups, we couldn’t really complain. We met a nice couple parked next to us with two huskies that travel in their RV with them. These folks were really friendly and even gave us tips about the Denver area and contact info in case we have any questions since they live there. How nice!

Here is one of the huskies (and this was the small one!)
(Hier ist einer der Huskies (und das war der kleine!))

We took a day to go see Hot Springs National Park. It is essentially in the middle of the town of Hot Springs, AR. We saw the bathhouses along Bathhouse Row, of which only one still operates as a bathhouse / spa and got in some hiking. It wasn’t entirely what we expected, and so different from your typical National Park.

A day in Hot Springs National Park
(Ein Tag in Hot Springs National Park)

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