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Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

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K and I have decided that the Grand Tetons must be one of the most beautiful sights we’ve ever seen. When we drove over Togwotee Pass (at 9,658 ft (2,944 m)) and first saw the Tetons, we were in awe. And that awe did not recede the entire time we have been here! This may be one of our longest posts yet as there has been so much to do here. That’s also why there had been such a long delay in posting – in addition to the WiFi currently being down within the park. Well here you go!

Our friends L and A joined us for about a week on our adventures. We were very excited that they would be visiting and to spend the week exploring the area with them, especially because this area is so different from their home in Florida!
We started off by taking the Jenny Lake Shuttle Boat to the far side of the lake, and then hiking up to Hidden Falls. From there, we hiked up to Inspiration Point.  At that point, we peaked around a few bends of the trail into Cascade Canyon before backtracking to the boat.

We also hiked a trail along String Lake and Leigh Lake. Originally we had hoped to cross a bridge and make a complete loop around String Lake on the way back, but this bridge was out and was currently being rebuilt.

A tree that K couldn’t resist climbing:

Ta da!

On another day we also hiked all the way around Jenny Lake. 

We also went canoeing on Jackson Lake. L and A were the real stars here as they’ve had so much practice in Florida! We just tried to keep up! 🙂

Ramming speed! (A collision was avoided, in case you’re wondering…)

The campground is located a few minutes walk from the shore of Jackson Lake, where we were able to see some gorgeous sunsets and sit by a fire.

Everyone is super excited about the s’mores!

We have seen so much wildlife here that we dubbed it the Teton safari. Of the animals on our “checklist” that we were specifically looking out for, only the grizzly and wolf remained elusive. We saw many elk, a moose with calf as well as a bull moose, many bison with calves, a coyote, a bald eagle, lots of marmots, pronghorns, a mule deer, a marten, a fox… We saw a lone black bear that wandered across a field and the road in front of us, as well as a mama black bear with two cubs napping in the woods.

We plan to do some more hiking while we are here, before moving on to Idaho.
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