Jackson Hole Aerial Tram

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Originally we weren’t planning on riding the tram, but we found ourselves with a free day with no hiking planned and thought it would be a different view of the area. The Aerial Tram originates out of Teton Village (at an elevation of 6,311 ft), and climbs to the top of Rendezvous Mountain (elevation of 10,450 ft). It is somewhat pricey but if you can find yourself a coupon as we did, or buy tickets online, you can save some money.

It was a nice way to spend a leisurely afternoon. The views from the top were great. Instead of looking up at the mountains, or hiking into them, as we had been doing, we had a completely different vantage point.

We walked a very short trail (Top of the World) but a second trail we would have done (Corbet’s Trail), was still listed as “mostly snow”.

In this area there is also the Bridger Gondola, which is free but on which you only gain elevation of 2,784 ft (compared to the 4,139 ft of the aerial tram). It opens in the afternoon and we surmised the main purpose is to encourage folks to go up and eat/drink at the restaurants up top. We may have chosen this alternative instead to save some money as it also has access to some trails and the view is probably still pretty great, but it does not open until later this month.

Here are some pictures from the tram and the top of Rendezvous Mountain.
(Hier sind Bilder von der Jackson Hole Seilbahn zum Gipfel von Rendezvous Mountain.)

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