Redwoods National Park

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Redwoods National Park is a strange mixture of State and National Parks.  When the national park was founded there were already several state parks in the area, so the national park just fills in the space around them.  It made it a little confusing at first to try and plan what we wanted to see, but once we got out there it was just a matter of driving up and down HWY 101 and stopping at the different sites along the way.

On our first day, we drove to Jedediah Smith State Park in the northern section of the N.P., went on a scenic drive, and hiked through the Stout Grove.  The size of the trees is truly impressive!  It was very reminiscent of the Sequoia groves in the Sierras.  They weren’t as big around, but a 100ft taller!  There are also many more of them in a grove.

For our second day, we drove to the Prairie Creek State Park section, did a hike through Fern Canyon (I’ll let the pictures tell the story here), and the Lady Bird Johnson Grove.


The tallest tree in the world (379.3ft!) is hidden somewhere in this park.  In order to protect it they don’t publish the location of it, but there are so many trees over 350ft tall that you aren’t left wanting.

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