Denver Zoo

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The Denver Zoo is really cool. It’s fairly large, but not overwhelmingly so. I went with some friends (unfortunately K didn’t have the day off too and was working), and we were able to wander through the entire thing in 3 hours or so. They had all of the exhibits and animals I would expect to see in a typical zoo, and the animals seemed to be pretty active for the most part. Considering a lot of the zoos we’ve visited we’ve only seen the animals laying around or they’ve hidden themselves away, this was really nice. Don’t get me wrong, there were still plenty of sleepy critters, but this time they weren’t the majority! We may have just picked a better time to go, later in the afternoon, coinciding with feeding time for some animals. It worked out really well!

The Basics

Who: Although kids will surely enjoy it the most, we had a great time too!

What: 80 acre zoo. Their setup is really nice and easy to get around. They also have a train (which we didn’t take) and multiple events like feedings and shows throughout the day.
Where: Located in City Park in Denver, CO (2300 Steele St, Denver, CO 80205).

When: It’s open every day of the year, though hours vary by season. There are a few free days during the year. For 2014 they are 11/3, 11/14, 11/20.
Why: Who doesn’t love animals? This is a great way to see these amazing creatures up close and learn about them. There are also other special events that take place throughout the year such as Brew at the Zoo, Boo at the Zoo, and Zoo Lights.
How: If you drive, there is free parking in the large lots but taking a bus is also an option.
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