Butterfly Pavilion

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The Butterfly Pavilion is located in Westmister, CO and is a fun afternoon activity. It not only has the obvious butterfly area, but multiple other rooms with other interesting creatures. There are tarantulas of which you can hold one but none of us did. There are bees, scorpions, beetles, starfish, horseshoe crabs, and so much more.

The butterflies are in a tropical rainforest enclosure. As you wander around the paths there are butterflies everywhere you look. They have fruit set out where you are guaranteed to see several butterflies up close. We also stayed for one of the Butterfly Encounters where they release butterflies into the pavilion that have just recently emerged from their chrysalides. Some were ready to fly and flew out of the box on their own. Some needed a little toss to get going. Others were still too damp and not quite ready and were set on leaves to dry before taking off. The point to remember was that the employee doing this was wearing gloves. Visitors are reminded not to touch the butterflies as it reduces their life expectancy. If one lands on you, like it did on K, you just enjoy and wait until it flies away again.

It was fun to see our friend’s daughter checking everything out and even lil K was looking at things. We had fun and it will be even more interesting to do these kinds of things as lil K gets older.

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