MD Wedding & Renn Fair

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We actually made it to two Renaissance Festivals this year, the one in the Denver area as well as the one in MD. We had been going to the MD Renn Fest for the past several years, but since we had moved away, we were really excited we’d get a chance to go again anyway. May have to be a yearly pilgrimage back to that area around that time to ensure we can keep up the tradition.

We had a great time as always. We met our good friends A & J as well as a few others at the festival grounds. K didn’t bring his costume along but I did and bought the shirt I’d been eyeing for some time to go with it. That finally truly completes my outfit. It is always fun to dress up with friends.

Here are some pictures of us!

Kevin climbing the tower. Much harder than in the gym – no rock climbing shoes – only bare feet!

The main reason this weekend brought us to MD was actually the wedding of our friends M & A. The night before the wedding we got together for a BBQ and bonfire, which is a really great way to celebrate we thought. Then again we are very partial to campfires. The wedding itself was at a place called Rockwood Manor, which has a really pretty woodsy setting, with a really nice outdoor patio for the ceremony, and pretty indoor rooms for dining and dancing. I had interned with M years ago, and another fellow intern was also at the wedding with her husband, so we had a great time catching up, hanging out, and later dancing the night away. Congratulations again M & A!

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