It’s Been A While… Time for an Update!

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Hello! It has been ages since we have posted an update here… Life’s adventures certainly haven’t stopped, we just haven’t reported on them in a while.


We are, of course, still in the Denver area. Since our last post I resigned from my job (yet again) to start my own business which is coming along well and I am hoping to have it officially up and running soon. There is always a lot going on in our lives: little K will be turning 2 soon, but we also have a little boy arriving in a few weeks, aaaaand we are moving into a new place right before that happens. Thankfully we have a lot of help from friends and some more family coming to help out.

We will post more as life settles down a little bit. We are also considering moving this whole blog over to another platform. Stay tuned!

Update April 4, 2019:

We’ve since hit the road again! Check out our About Us page to hear how we ended up here or our Map page to see where we’ve been.

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