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Hi! Long time no see. Thankfully, just because the blog has been on hiatus, the adventures have not been. The adventures in the last few years have been more of the mild, day to day variety. There have been many wonderful times nonetheless! And that’s the key, and what we strive to do and encourage others to do. Never Stop Adventuring – through the mundane, the exciting, the everyday, the extreme. There are adventures to be had everywhere.

A quick recap about what adventures we’ve been up to:

Family Life

As you saw in previous posts, we had our daughter K. She is now 2 ½+ years old! K is super sweet, silly, fun, and loves being outside. She is so smart and a big talker. 8 months ago she became a big sister to little N. He is a smiley, giggly always on the go guy. At just a few weeks old he was rolling over and is now on the verge of walking. He wants to use his body and catch up to his sister! N is now old enough that the two kids are really starting to interact and play together. It is really heartwarming to see.

A picture of our family
Our family of four!

The Business

In other news, Kevin spent the last few years starting his own business, Signal Mod Technology. I am super proud of his accomplishment here. He invented, designed, prototyped, tested, and is now offering for sale four versions of low noise signal amplifiers in various frequency ranges. This guy is awesome! His past experience combined with his drive to learn and apply his knowledge and hard work has produced some really high quality products. We’re excited to be in the sales and marketing phase now. We’ll do a separate post on the business a bit later with some more information.

The New RV

The most recent news is that we’ve just finished moving back into another RV. We sold our Koala travel trailer a few years ago when downsizing to an apartment to give us the financial means to start the business. We thought we’d save the registration and storage fees and travel more normally for a while. If we did want to do more RVing in the future, another floorplan would now suit us better with kids and a dog. If you want to read about the six months we spent on the road last time in our Koala travel trailer, start here at the beginning with Our Plan.

Originally, we planned to buy a house in Denver, raise our family, and not move for a long time. But for several reasons the home buying process didn’t work out for us. These included the crazy real estate market with insane prices, our concern about Rocky Flats, not wanting to get stuck living next to marijuana smokers, and just getting the itch to be more mobile again. So we decided to make being mobile again our goal even if it might take a while.

Our family has had the very fortunate experience of being together a lot over the last few years as I have worked remotely from our home office, Kevin has been working on his business from home, and the kids have had a nanny watch them at our home during the work days. We have so much more of a chance to see our kids grow up and both build lots of lasting memories and deep bonds with them from infancy.

A picture of our fifth wheel and truck ready to take us on adventures
Our 2018 Jayco Pinnacle 37MDQS and 2016 RAM 3500 Dually

So what do we want our future adventures to look like?


I am fortunate to work for a company that I really like and have been with for almost 12 years. Even more fortunately, I have been approved to work from the RV now as long as I can continue to be connected, available and get the job done. I have a dedicated workspace and redundant, reliable connectivity so I can continue to work full time in the productive, efficient, and value added way my company has experienced from me.

In the next few months my contract is coming to an end though. I am hoping to continue with them in either a corporate capacity or on another program while continuing to work remotely. We are pretty local to Denver right now until we see what happens there to make sure we have flexibility for me to take advantage of what opportunities will arise. Ideally I would be able to stay remote and at that time be more mobile as well.


Despite the various reasons that led to us moving back into the RV and looking forward to more exciting travel and visiting family and friends around the country, we are sad at the thought of leaving the many good friends we’ve made here. We’re glad we still have some time here before we kick off the true location independent lifestyle. We have many special relationships and especially with friends from our church that it will be hard to leave. But we know we can keep in touch and plan to make Colorado one of our main way points along our yearly travel routes.


Further into the future, we are hopeful the business will do well and get to the point where sales of current and future products can begin to support us. The eventual goal would be for me to stop work. I would take over watching the kids and give homeschooling a try when the kids are old enough.

We’ll do a few posts on what truck and RV we chose, why, and about the buying and inspection process. For now though, we are in a 2018 Jayco Pinnacle 37MDQS, towing with a 2016 RAM 3500 dually. Come along with us as we revitalize this blog and continue on our adventures!

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