Purchasing our Jayco Fifth Wheel

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So how did we go about deciding which RV to get, and then actually making the purchase? We went through an extensive decision making process and ended up buying a brand new 2018 Jayco Pinnacle 37MDQS. We weren’t 100% sold on absolutely having to get a new one. However, we knew from the experience of buying our former Koala travel trailer new that sometimes you actually can get a better deal both in price and options by going new. And that’s what happened here.

Getting Ideas and Beginning to Dream

First, we attended several RV shows in the Denver area. We went to the Colorado RV Adventure Travel Show two years in a row. Last year we also went to the Colorado RV, Sports, and Travel show. At the same time we were doing lots of searching on manufacturer’s websites of floor plans and searching RV Trader.

Class A, Fifth Wheel, or Travel Trailer?

With lots of thoughts swirling about the various options, we eventually settled on getting a fifth wheel. Originally we thought about getting a Class A. We didn’t like that the bunks always seemed to be right next to the master bedroom door and were nothing more than beds in a closet. That allowed for no privacy for us and no dedicated play space for the kids. We also weren’t comfortable with the length of travel trailer we would need to get the features we wanted. So the fifth wheel it was! We liked the high ceilings it provided in the main living area as well.

Floor Plan

Once settled on a fifth wheel, we had to decide on floor plan. The choice was between a model with a rear bunk room, or the newer floor plans with a middle bunk room. We were so excited when we saw these starting to come out and become more popular with manufacturers like Jayco. With this option we not only got the dedicated kids room and play space, but we didn’t have to sacrifice the more open feel of the living room. We got to keep the extra windows and natural lighting that gets nixed if the bunk room is in the back. As a bonus these middle bunk rooms often have a loft above them. So now we had the ability to have the kids sleep in separate rooms if needed or give them another space to be.

Manufacturer – Choosing Jayco

After looking at the numerous manufacturers that had the middle bunk option, we decided Jayco was one of our top picks. We liked the quality, 2 year warranty vs 1 year, and specifications on certain things like insulation and windows. This in combination with a few smaller things sealed our decision. One of those things was the retractable TV which gave us more counter space and another window when it wasn’t in use. Another was the orientation of the mid bunk door toward the kitchen vs the front door. Within the Jayco fifth wheel lines, we were debating between the North Point and the Pinnacle. In the end we chose Pinnacle by a narrow margin. This was because of the flooring, getting slightly more space with the greater width of the frame, and some of the quality and finishing touches with this line compared to the North Point.

Making the Purchase

Then it was time to bide our time and make the purchase. Like I said, we did end up buying new after scouring online ads, comparing specs and cost, considering private sellers vs dealerships. In the end the best deal was found through Indiana RV Connection. When you order an RV through them it comes directly from the Jayco factory to them where you pick it up. Kevin told them what make, model and options we wanted. The he got the quote from them, signed some paperwork, and made the deposit. Then we waited until it was ready for pickup. Simple enough!

Once we had the RV purchased, we started keeping a look out for a truck with which to tow it. Kevin had been doing his research and we had test driven several. Stay tuned for our next post to hear how we decided on and purchased our 2016 RAM 3500 Dually. We’ll also post about the inspection and pick-up process for the fifth wheel!

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  1. You have a good looking home and are on a great adventure I could only dream about. Enjoy each and every moment of it. Also, we love the idea of following you guys in your adventures.

    1. Thank you! We hope it works out long term and that we can be more mobile in the near future. We will miss all of you all though once we are able to branch out from the Denver area!

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