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Pregnancy and Full Time RVing – What Is It Like?

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What is pregnancy and full time RVing like? With baby on the way and quickly approaching my due date, we thought we better interrupt the travel content to get this life update vlog and post out! In this video and post I share what the last several months have been like during my RV pregnancy, and some pros and cons to consider.

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Pregnancy and Full Time RVing Video Transcript:

Intro About Pregnant RVing

What has it been like being pregnant in an RV? After all this time and our experiences would we recommend it? Has it been a good experience or not? What have the benefits been and what has not worked so well? Now that I’m in the home stretch of this pregnancy, I’ll let you know all that and more in this pregnancy update!

If you’re new here, I’m pregnant with my 3rd child, and my first pregnancy in an RV. We didn’t start full-time RVing until my youngest was 8 months old. So this has been and all new experience for us, and one that we’ve enjoyed sharing!

And now that we’ve finished our whirlwind loop tour through Michigan and are back in Colorado with our RV, we knew this update was on the to-do list. I’m now in week 34, which means I’m in the 3rd trimester and the final months before baby’s arrival. In fact, in a matter of days I’ll be within one month of my estimated due date. We wanted to make sure we got this video and post out to you all before baby arrives. So we’ll be interspersing this and a few other videos and posts among our travel content.

Bottom line up front is that I’ve been feeling good and RVing while pregnant has been going well. I’ll give you plenty of details, but feel free to use the timestamps in the video and table of contents in this post to skip around to things you’re most interested in!

Gender Reveal

Pregnancy and full time RVing gender reveal with ice cream

If you follow us on other social media platforms or read our YouTube community posts, you’ll know that since our last pregnancy video and post, we found out that our baby is a GIRL! We’re very excited and we’ve also chosen a name that we will reveal after she is here. We had fun doing a gender reveal video and pictures with pink ice cream hidden by whipped cream. We love ice cream and it was a fun way to celebrate the news.

Travel Update

Pregnant woman continuing to travel during pregnancy and full time RVing at Pictured Rocks

We have also continued traveling quite a bit. In many ways, our travel plan stayed the same as we described it to you all in our pregnancy announcement video and post. We went from Oregon to Colorado, then our epic Michigan loop road trip from CO through Nebraska, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, and then back south to CO. But we did change some things including skipping a trip to New Mexico and Texas while we were in CO last time, and rearranging our plans here in CO right now during the home stretch a bit which I’ll go into detail about a bit later.

How I’ve Been Feeling

I can’t complain about how I’ve been feeling. Everything has seemed pretty normal for pregnancy. I’m thankful that nothing changed along the way or was discovered during any appointments and tests that would put me into a higher risk category or have us change our plans.

Pregnancy Care Update

On that note, my appointments have all gone well. If you recall, we chose to come back to the same location for all my prenatal care rather than finding new places each time on the road which was another option. We also chose to use the same midwife group I used for our first two kids.

So, have I liked our approach of going back to the same place? And would I do it this way again? For me personally, definitely. That might not be the right thing for everyone. But I’ve liked the ease of knowing where we’re going each time, being able to schedule appointments in advance, not having to transfer and provide my records to new places, and having the same care team throughout.

Pregnancy and Full Time RVing Pros and Cons

Benefits to RVing While Pregnant

Ok, so 3 benefits to RVing while pregnant.

#1 – Continuing to be able to travel & do what we love

This is our lifestyle and we love it. We’re all glad we’ve been able to keep this up and integrate pregnancy right into it, just like we’ll do when baby arrives. All while having the comforts of home the entire time. We’re here to show you it’s entirely possible.

#2 – I’ve been less sedentary and have gotten more exercise

This has just naturally happened from our day to day travel life. Sure you can choose to be as active or sedentary as you want in any situation depending on your own pregnancy, whether you’re traveling like us or living in a home. But I found that the sightseeing and hiking we were doing was an easy way to keep me active without having to think much about it. I do other exercises in the RV too, which there is room for as well!

Campgrounds are often nice places to walk, and getting out for a walk as a family or taking the kids to the playground or as they ride their bikes around is also a great way to get exercise.

And finally, lots of campgrounds have pools. And the pool at the one we’re at right now has been particularly nice. It makes me wish I’d had a pool for all my pregnancies and that we weren’t headed to a campground without one next! It’s good exercise, and a nice relief too as it makes this big belly feel weightless for a little while!

#3 – Lots of things going on and that has made time go by faster

I’m grateful that I enjoy pregnancy, for the most part, but sometimes it just feels like it drags on doesn’t it? With so much to do and keep us busy I can hardly believe I’m so close to the end. I haven’t felt like time is crawling, at least not yet, haha.

Challenges of RVing While Pregnant

It’s not all benefits though, so what are some challenges to RVing while pregnant?

#1 – It’s more complicated

Compared to staying in one place and in general knowing what to expect, when traveling in an RV you’re moving frequently and then always reacquainting yourself with your location and where to get the things you need. That’s RVing normally but it can complicate things when you’re pregnant. You’re also in a smaller space, so moving around as you get larger, and finding room for baby stuff isn’t always as easy.

#2 – Dealing with any issues that arise

It’s a bit harder to deal with random issues in new locations. For us, we had truck issues. And not just a little issue, but one that put the truck out of commission while Kevin worked to fix it, and essentially stranded us for over a week. Thankfully it worked out for us, and we’ll bring you the full story in a separate video.

#3 – Being away from your care team at times

You have to decide if that’s comfortable for you or not, and if you’re pregnancy is low risk enough to make that safe. So far I haven’t needed anything in between appointments with my care team, but if I did, I’d have to reach out over the phone and/or find someone local to see. When in-state with my care team, I was able to have a virtual appointment. But the challenge there was making sure I had enough internet connectivity. And I did have to postpone an appointment once for that exact reason.

Adjustments We’ve Made for Pregnancy and Full Time RVing

Not everything goes completely as expected, so we’ve made some adjustments to keep this working for all of us:

#1 – Resting more

It’s been good to stay so active with sightseeing, but building in lots of time for me to rest was key. I definitely rested a lot, and still am actually! Definitely build time in for yourself to have some downtime which helps take care of yourself, your body, and your baby. I’ve never regretted a good nap.

#2 – Changing travel plans

There were times we decided to travel a little less like when we skipped our NM & TX trip because we felt like getting to CO had already been so much travel. We were forced to extend one of our stays in western CO because of the truck issues, from 2 to 4 weeks. But in the end we were grateful for that forced slow-down as well. And for the next several weeks we have decided instead of heading to the Great Sand Dunes and Pagosa Springs, we’ll head to a single campground not as far away for the last stretch before heading back to Denver. This time the change of plans was deciding we wanted to be in a location with closer access to hospitals rather than boondocking further away. So, stay flexible and change your plans when you need to.

Pregnancy and Full Time RVing Wrap-up

To wrap up, here are some rapid fire questions and answers:

  • Q: Do I think it’s been an overall good experience?
  • A: Yes definitely!
  • Q: Would we do it pretty much the same way if given the choice?
  • A: Another yes, pretty much!
  • Q: What would we change?
  • A: We didn’t really have a choice with how quickly we had to do our Michigan loop due to timing of appointments, but the pace was a bit hectic for us. If possible, we would have slowed that down a bit. Also, I think we’d get more reservations near Denver on the books as a safe-guard in case we’d had to go back for any additional appointments or wanting to be closer, just because of the challenges with booking there because of its popularity.

What’s next?

So it’s a bit of a waiting game right now. But in the meantime, we’re rearranging some things to make space for baby and all her things in the RV! In a couple weeks we’ll have a video showing how we’re transforming our bedroom closest into the baby’s room.

We’d definitely appreciate everyone’s good thoughts and prayers for the final few weeks and eventually labor, delivery, and recovery. And if you have any other questions about pregnancy and full time RVing on the road, please let me know in the comments of the video! See you all next time!

We hope this helps if you’re thinking of welcoming a new little one while RVing!

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