Triceratops Trail

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Triceratops Trail is an about 1.5 miles out and back trail in Golden. This seems like the sort of place that would be pretty popular on a warm day. We were glad to have it all to ourselves.

First you arrive at the clay pit overlook. From here you are able to walk down into the clay pit. This is where clay mining was done, so there are several long and narrow pits between sandstone walls in which dinosaur footprints can be seen. In the clay pit we saw raindrop impressions, beetle tracks, general dinosaur track bulges as well as an area heavily trampled by dinosaurs. Best of all though in this area were the duck-billed and carnivorous dinosaur tracks. Some scientists think all these tracks were made by hadrosaurs, but others think a few of them could have been T-Rex tracks.

Overlooking Golden and walking further down the trail toward the Triceratops tracks.

Triceratops tracks!

Palm fronds and Bird track

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