Tante Tori had a Farm EIEIO

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In preparation for our Germany trip after looking at all the options we decided to drive the RV to my sister’s farm in Illinois. We would fly out of Chicago rather than Denver. The airfare was about a third the price! Additionally, we could park the RV there and not have to pay for storage, board the dog with my sister’s, and have some extra hands on the plane. Of course those were all wonderful excuses for just spending some extra time with Tori and Brian!

Farm Animals

Tori is an animal lover in the truest sense of the word and has two horses, two dogs, a cat, and lots of bees! She has trained her horses and dogs well and they were well prepared for the kids. She makes her own delicious honey and honey based products. Someday they may be for sale and I’ll be sure to let you know! She is starting her own garden and will soon have a bountiful harvest. Both Tori and Brian are such hard workers. We thought we were busy with the kids but they sure stay busy too!

Bee Hive Box
The Bee Hive!

While we were there K got to ride one of Tori’s horses, Freddie. That was a big experience for her!

Group picture with Freddie the horse

Group picture with Freddie the horse

K petting Freddie

K riding Freddie

K riding Freddie

Freddie & Lucky

A couple times when it was time for K to go to sleep she fought going to bed. However, she was fine with laying down with the doggies, and it wasn’t long before she was asleep! Way to go King and Ares!

Naptime with the dogs

The neighbor also has a bunch of animals, and Tori coordinated a tour for the kids. They got to see emus, goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, donkeys, pigs, and rabbits. K got to feed a cute baby goat too!

K holding a baby goat

K feeding a baby goat

K feeding a baby goat

Emu and other farm animals

K holding a baby goat

K holding a chicken

Parking the RV

We’ve discovered that with our current set up we can go about a week without full hookups if we have a basic electric connection. We can use our 45 Amp adapter converted down to two 15 amp outlets as long as they are on two separate breakers and not GFCI. Then we can even run both air conditioners if we are careful not to use much else at the same time.

This is if we conserve water but continue to use our RV for showers and such. If we can shower and do laundry wherever we’re staying as we could at my sister’s, we can easily extend this to two weeks. If we wanted to go longer we may have to conserve even further or dump tanks in between. Getting water to use isn’t the problem as long as we can be near a spigot. Making sure the tanks don’t fill up is the challenge.

But as I said, my sister was very generous and taking showers and doing laundry inside let us easily stay a week before and a week after the Germany trip. We took turns making dinners at their place and spending the evenings together hanging out. The dogs played together and the kids enjoyed the farm, the dogs, and their auntie.

RV and sunset

Playing Skipbo

The three dogs


We were sad to go but know we’ll be back through here in the future. Tori and Brian were also sad to see us go (or so they said!) so that’s a good reference for our future travels for anyone else whose home we visit!

I’ll write about the trip to Germany we all took together soon. Stay tuned!

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  1. Great pictures! It all makes me very nostalgic! I cannot wait for you all to come visit again soon. You are welcome anytime of the year for however long you wish! Also, I’m pretty sure I won that game of SkipBo… but, I’ve noted to not horde the candy when you were taking pictures :).

    1. I hope our next visit will be sooner rather than later! Yes, you probably did win that one. And we’ll blame the hoarding on Brian!

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